How could customer service be improved with the help of Zoom conferences?

Zoom is a unified communications platform that includes team chat & channels, phone, whiteboard, and meetings in a single offering. It’s easy to use for both employees and customers, and offers great call quality on desktop and mobile devices. It’s also highly scalable and is designed to be used in a variety of environments, including virtual offices.

With the pandemic forcing many businesses to operate remotely, zoom is a convenient way for employees to communicate with each other and their customers. Adam Wu, co-founder of Best Watch Brands, a luxury watch company, said that many clients are now shopping via one-on-one Zoom calls rather than in person. For Marc Levesque, co-founder of Lesson With You, an online music education service, Zoom calls have provided a vital opportunity to continue his business during the coronavirus crisis.

The Zoom contact center integration with Zendesk enables agents to receive omnichannel functionality, like voice and video, in the same application where they manage customer support. This translates into better and more personalized remote customer service, as well as faster problem resolution.

In addition, Zoom’s extensive global infrastructure ensures reliable connectivity. The platform’s cloud-based architecture allows for high video and audio quality, which is as good or better than wired or mobile voice calls over a stable Internet connection. Zoom’s video conference technology is also easy to integrate with back-office systems such as CRMs and call recording.