How to make white face paint with cornflour – the 4 steps

If you want to show the England squad your support in the Euro 2020 final tonight, you can do one better than wearing your England shirt. Why not paint your face with the England flag? reveals how to make your own white face paint with flour, according to WikiHow.

You don’t have to go out and buy white face paint in a rush before the game at 8pm, you can make it yourself.

You can sport a patriotic look to the pub or to meet friends without spending a penny.

You only need three ingredients to make white face paint, and you can add a touch of red food colouring to make red face paint.

How to make white face paint with flour

To make white face paint, you need:

  • One tablespoon of mild body lotion
  • Two tablespoons of cornflour
  • One tablespoon water

Step one

In a bowl, combine the cornflour, lotion, and water and stir until smooth

If you don’t have lotion, use any mild skin cream, like cold cream, shea butter or cocoa butter.

You can add more of any ingredient to change the base texture.

For example, you can add more cornflour to make the mixture thicker and more lotion or water to make it thinner — it’s up to you!

Step two

Once you’ve perfected the mixture, use a spoon to transfer it into a small container.

If you don’t have a container, use an old egg carton or leftover yoghurt or baby food containers and throw them away once you’re finished painting your face.

Step three

Once you’ve got your white paint sorted, make some more paint or use the leftovers to make red paint to create the red stripes of the England flag.

Stir thoroughly to combine until the colour is smooth and even (you’ll probably need a fair bit of food colouring)

Step four

Now paint your face with an old, clean makeup brush or regular sponges that you don’t mind getting dirty or throwing away after.

Start with the white paint as a base and then go in with the red paint to make the red cross.

Paint one straight down the middle of your face, in between your eyebrows, down the sides of your nose and stop at your chin.

Paint another horizontal line across your face from ear to ear, and you’re done!