Is it illegal to Play Loud Music After 11pm In UK?

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London  (Parliament Politics Magazine) – There can be nothing worse than going to bed and not being able to sleep due to the loud music playing nearby your home. You may not be able to control the loud music played by your neighbor. If your sleep is disturbed by the loud music you cannot control, then you must do something about it. The UK has strict laws when it comes to playing loud music. If you are living in the UK and you are often disturbed by loud music played by your neighbors, then you can file a complaint.

Is It Illegal to Play Loud Music After 11 pm?

The government in the UK has set strict rules for noise pollution in the UK. According to the Noise Act (1996), it makes clear that loud music played from 11 pm to 7 am is prohibited.

Any excessive noise during this time can be punished by law. The government and the legal councils can hold you responsible for playing loud music after 11 pm. Playing loud music can be considered anti-social behavior. Any kind of behavior that causes noise pollution is illegal. This is why playing loud music after 11 pm is also illegal.  

If you are suffering due to the loud music played by someone nearby your home, then you should do something to stop it. If you are disturbed by loud music during the day, then it doesn’t mean that you can only act after 11 pm. Loud music can injure your health and can be disturbing for your eardrums as well. Serious action must be taken to stop this act.

If the noise is excessive after 11 pm then you should get in touch with the environmental health department. They will take the decibel readings inside your home. If the ambient noise comes from the immediate vicinity of your home, then action can be taken. Any sound that is 24 dBA or less may not be considered punishable. If the noise is louder than 34 dBA then that breaches the law. If the ambient noise crosses the level of 24 dBA than anything more than 10 dBA above can be considered excessive.

Noise pollution is not just restricted to playing loud music. It also includes TV noise, housework, DIY, dogs barking, or loud arguments. If the environmental health records provide sufficient evidence, then you might get punished. This type of noise can be termed a statutory noise nuisance. 

What Can You Do About It?

It is important to consider how much of a problem the noise is. If the loud music is damaging your relationship with your neighbors, then you must file a complaint against the person playing loud music. Before you do anything, you must consider these questions.

  • Are your neighbors noisy all the time? If the answer is no, then it may not be a serious problem. If the noise goes past midnight, then you can reassess
  • If someone in your neighbor’s home is celebrating a special birthday, then you might just let it go. You might just let it go for the sake of their harmony and happiness.
  • If the parents are out and the children are creating noise, then filing a complaint may not be a great idea. There are chances that the parents come back at a reasonable hour and put a stop to the music

If none of these situations is applied, then you should act. It is always a great idea to give the mildest reaction first. You must not go and talk to them when you are upset as this can cause a fight between you and your neighbors. If you don’t want to escalate the situation unnecessarily then you should go to your neighbor instantly.

In What Situations You Should File A Complaint? 

You can file a complaint when:

  • If the noise is coming from your premises between 11 pm and 7 am then you should do something about it.
  • The noise exceeding the permitted levels must be stopped.
  • If the notice has already been issued and your neighbors are still playing loud music after 11 pm then you must send your complaint forward.  

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Can You Get Punished For Playing Loud Music After 11 PM?

The permitted noise levels can be measured by the A-weighted decibels. This is the unit that the officials use to measure the environmental noise. You can’t use loudspeakers outside on the streets from 9 pm and 8 am. Loud complaints can cost you a fine of up to £5,000. You can also get a criminal record.

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