Is Lean Illegal? What Are The Consequences Of Consuming Lean?

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London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Lean has become a popular drink among youngsters. It is a drink that is made from a cocktail of many substances. It includes codeine, promethazine, paracetamol, and dextromethorphan. Moreover, lean also contains codeine which is an opiate. You will be surprised to know that is a highly addictive substance and high doses can give various side effects. 

If you are addicted to codeine it is best to look for medical assistance. Moreover, you are not allowed to have codeine and other drugs without a medical prescription and guidelines. If you combine it with another substance it can lead to addiction. Even though the purchase of lean is legal, you are not allowed to take it without a prescription.

What Does The Law Say About Consuming Lean?

Lean consists of codeine which is known as a Class B substance. It is controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act. As it is a Class B substance it is illegal to buy or supply lean without any medical prescription. If you are caught possessing codeine and it is not prescribed you can get into trouble. It can even land you in jail for about 5 years. If this isn’t enough it can also lead to an unlimited fine. If you are supplying codeine illegally it can lead to 14 years in prison.

Or even an unlimited fine that will be hard to pay. If any youngster is misusing this drug you need to stop them at the right time. You can take them for counseling or get into rehab. It will help them get rid of this addiction. Apart from the laws and consequences, there are many risks involved with taking drugs. If any youngster is struggling for help you can try and help them.

Things You Need To Know About Lean

Lean is a drug that can make you addicted if you use it continuously. Here are some things you need to know:

  • When you prepare or start drinking lean it will be difficult to know how strong the mixture turns out. As a result, it can lead to a risk of overdose. Moreover, it can become fatal and very dangerous for your health
  • If young adults drink lean at a party it will be prepared by someone else. You never know what that drug may contain or may have. This is why it can be dangerous to drink it without knowing much about it
  • As lean is an illicit substance it can lower blood pressure drastically. It can lead to difficulty in breathing. If the person is not able to breathe it can lead to death and other dangerous condition
  • If you are using lean or codeine while pregnant it can affect the newborn baby badly. They may experience symptoms of withdrawal after birth
  • Some people mix lean with alcohol and other dangerous drugs. It can lead to many unpredictable health issues. Moreover, it can affect your nervous system badly. When you use the antidepressants like benzodiazepines, alcohol, or other opioids, it can affect your breathing and heart rate
  • Using lean with cannabis and other such drugs can lead to serious injury and coma or death in some people
  • If you are taking a medication that too in large doses it can lead to more trouble. It can lead to severe sedation that is usually going to last for about 3-4 days

Is Lean Available For Purchase in the UK?

Lean is not legal or available for purchase in the UK. This is why many youngsters turn to purchasing it from unknown dealers. These dealers have authority over the ‘Dark web’. It is not possible to know how much of the drug is inside this lean. This is why according to UK laws you cannot purchase this product online or elsewhere.

Almost all codeine-based products are controlled substances. According to Class B, it is illegal to purchase such products or even for use. If parents find out their children consuming such substances they need to take help immediately.

 It is best to share such information with the police so they can take immediate action. Many parents are concerned and may not know what their children are consuming. This is why the UK has put up some strict laws against the use of lean. If you feel that your child is a drug addict taking help at the right time is very beneficial with an addiction treatment program.

Consequences For Lean Misuse

Lean is a popular purple drink and is usually prescribed with cough and cold medicines. These soft drinksdirty sprite, and lean drinks are imported from the United States. However, under UK laws you are not allowed to consume or purchase this drink. No matter how hard Government tries to stop lean use, it is still very popular in the UK. Many youngsters are using this drug at parties and other occasions.

The prescription for cough syrups that allows you to make lean drink is quite dangerous. It can lead to heavy fines or a few years in jail. This product usually contains codeine and is an opioid drug. Moreover, it has some sedating effects on the overall body. It can not only impair motor functioning but leads to many other health issues.

When you start using lean for a longer period it can have numerous bad effects on the body. It will slow down your thinking ability and cause breathing issues. The sedative effects of lean can hinder the ability to drive safely. Usually, drunk or intoxicated people get into accidents more often than others. If you are caught driving wrongly it will result in police action and legal consequences.

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Is It Illegal To Use Lean in the UK?

As lean contains codeine it is illegal for use in the UK. Codeine is a class B, schedule 2 drug. If you prepare it with a Class A substance it is illegal to use without any prescription. Illegal possession of this drug can result in maximum of five years in prison or a big fine. Trafficking offenses also lead to 14 years in jail or a big penalty. Drug abuse has strict laws no matter which country you go to.

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