Is The NHS Failing To Keep Up With Healthcare Advancements?

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London (Parliament Politic Magazine) – The NHS is not performing well when it comes to life expectancy in the UK. Researchers are warning about the poor performance across various disease groups and health conditions. It includes serious conditions like cancer, heart attack, and strokes that are judged by preventable deaths. No doubt, this should be a serious concern for both policy leaders and policymakers. According to a new report, the NHS is performing lower as compared to many other countries. The study compared the NHS with the health system of other countries.

Lost Years: The NHS Struggles to Keep Pace with International Life Expectancy Rates

One major report commissioned by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has warned of the poor performance of Britain. Moreover, the researchers have highlighted that the NHS has a low level of key clinical staff. Whether it is the doctors, nurses, or anyone else, there seems to be a shortage of everything. Even the medical supplies and equipment are not up to the mark. Another key finding in the report suggests that the UK has fewer resources as compared to other top nations. The shortage of MRI scanners and hospital beds has been a cause of concern for patients.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has defended the health service in the UK. He believes that the Government is investing record sums to cut the waiting lists. It will make sure that the NHS performs a lot better in the future. Moreover, he pointed towards the new scheme that is introduced for lung cancer screenings. Even though he admits that there is a lot of work to do, he seems more confident than ever.

According to the Prime Minister, the Government is ready to fix any outstanding issues. On the other side, the author and chief analyst at the King’s Fund believe that healthcare outcomes are a cause of concern. The system should be ready to control the measures that rely on keeping people healthy. The NHS is standing at a point where it shouldn’t be, but will the Government make any changes? Well, that is yet to be seen.

UK Lags Behind: A Look at the NHS and Life Expectancy

Mr. Anandaciva reveals that there is a lack of capital infrastructure. They are crying out for a major source of investment. People from other countries are shocked to see the lack of investment in the healthcare department in the UK. He revealed that the UK is exporting a large number of nursing talent that may be trained in the country but is not being preserved. Instead, they need to preserve professionals who can treat patients the right way. When it comes to Australia and New Zealand they are keeping the investment higher in the healthcare facilities.

The policymakers in the UK should learn and practice the rules set by other healthcare systems. They cannot try out a completely new system that may fail in the eyes of people. Ms. Whately is recognizing that the UK is lagging behind other countries. They don’t know how to deal with major health conditions. While there is a need to deal with healthcare with successful tried and tested methods.

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Unpacking The Reasons Behind the UKs Dismal Healthcare Performance

Mr. Anandaciva explained that countries like Belgium and Australia are planning for a long-term workforce. They are thinking about the next 10 to 15 years. However, we are failing to put everything into action. The Social Care Minister Helen Whately told Sky News that the Government is right on track. 

Moreover, they plan to recruit and retain over 50,000 new nurses and other healthcare professionals. It has been a 2019 Conservative manifesto pledge. All these things will aim to bring in more UK-trained staff. They will not have to depend on the staff that is trained in other countries.

The NHS has to understand that conditions like cancer and major heart diseases can be prevented. However, it needs proper planning to diagnose and pick things earlier. The Government has to look out for ways to bring better outcomes in the future. The UK needs to upgrade its healthcare system so people can be treated early while deaths can be prevented.

The upgraded healthcare facilities will prevent and intervene early to improve everyone’s health. To date everything is letting down the patients who are struggling to get good treatments. Moreover, the higher cost of living and treatment is taking a toll on everything.

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