Jamie Wallis MP Reveals Trans Identity & Rape Trauma

Picture of british MP Jamie Wallis

LONDON (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Members of parliament in Wales have applauded a Welsh MP: Jamie Wallis, for his courage after his Twitter announcement that he suffers from gender dysphoria and was raped at a young age, and is the target of blackmail.

Among the horrific events that Mr. Wallis described were a blackmail attempt in 2020, a rape in September by a guy he met on the internet, and a vehicle accident in November during which he left the crime scene.

The Bridgend MP’s Side of the Story

The first transgender MP elected in 2019 was Jamie Wallis. According to the Conservative MP for Bridgend, a guy sent his family photos and requested £50,000 in 2020. In a different event, he claimed to have been raped.

Post-rape memoirs by Mr. Wallis “There’s been a significant change in the overall situation. I’m not feeling well.” According to the MP, after being raped, he left the vehicle accident site.

Mr. Wallis claimed in a message on Twitter that he had been afflicted with gender dysphoria and that he had felt this way since he was a youngster.

“I never intended to make this information available to you. Before I ever stated it out loud, I had long assumed that I would quit politics.”

In April 2020, someone tried to blackmail me by sending images to my father and revealing my whereabouts.  “To stay quiet, he demanded £50,000 from me. “The system worked because the cops were so helpful and sympathetic.” The individual was convicted to two and a half years in jail.

House Support for Jamie Wallis

All political parties’ representatives responded to the declaration on Twitter with sentiments of solidarity, regardless of party affiliation. The prime minister and the opposition leader recognized in the House of Commons that Mr. Wallis had made his remark.

As Mr. Wallis sat in the gallery, Mr. Johnson delivered the following remarks: “The House supports you and will give you the assistance in living life as you please.”

Later, Tory MP Andrea Leadsom acknowledged that Mr. Johnson had made a “humourous jest” regarding Sir Keir Starmer’s decision not to answer “Can women have a penis?” earlier this week.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen – or as Keir Starmer calls it, those who are designated female or male at birth,” Mr. Johnson reportedly said at a dinner for Tory MPs. Jamie was present at the meal. SNP MP John Nicholson called the joke “terribly awful manners” on BBC News.


Jamie Wallis MP lauded fellow MP Tory whips, by saying that, “From what I’ve seen, they go above and beyond to support and assist MPs who are going through a difficult period.”

“In my opinion, these people have earned their place in my life.”

“The wonderful support that people you work with can bring,” he added after his supper with Conservative MPs on Tuesday night.

“A lesson in self-acceptance was delivered to me, and I took it to heart. I don’t know how to live with my reality. Presumably, informing everyone is a good place to start.” Jamie Wallis MP’s tweet conveyed to people that to live freely, they need to embrace themselves completely.

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