Kate Middleton and Prince William make major ‘more personal’ Instagram and Twitter move

KATE MIDDLETON, 38, and Prince William, 37, have made a huge social media over on Instagram and Twitter. The couple have added a personal touch to their accounts.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband, Prince William, are bridging the gap between traditional and modern monarchy. One notable avenue the couple are exploring to modernise their brand is embracing social media.

In the past day the couple have made a major change to their social media accounts.

Fans have praised the “more personal” move.

While royals have traditionally guarded their privacy, and lived less than relatable lifestyles.

However, Kate and William have been keen – especially during the coronavirus pandemic – to invite Britons into their lives using social media like Twitter and Instagram.

They have posted videos clapping for key workers on their accounts and shared adorable behind the scenes pictures of their children celebrating their birthdays.

Now they have changed their name on their social media accounts.

Once their accounts were called “Kensington Palace”, however, now the user name has been changed to “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

Fans have celebrated the news on their own social media accounts.

One wrote: “I got used to ‘Kensington Palace,’ but the new name is probably more appropriate.”

Another said: “I feel it a little bit more personal.”

“I like that – comes across as more personal!” another agreed.

One said: “Yes love this! I feel like theyre both taking more interest in SM lately too, the private snippets like Georges Mothers Day card suggest theyre taking an active role in the content and Im here for it.”

“They’ve really been doing phenomenal on social media!!” another said.

The change seems to imply the couple will be looking to share more personal moments in the future.

Kate and William have been appearing in a number of video calls to members of the public during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been speaking with new mothers, midwives and the children of key workers.

She recently appeared in a video to celebrate International Nurses day.

Kate Middleton wore the Aimee polka dot dress by French designer Joseph Altuzarra, which sold for around £1,748.38.

The Duchess completed the look with a pair of earrings from Patrick Mavros.

These are the Ocean Tides Milky Quartz earring with 18ct gold and silver.

The gems cost £800, made of cabochon earrings with milky quarts and diamond.