Lewis Hamilton will switch to Ferrari with Max Verstappen as main F1 title challenger

Lewis Hamilton has been linked with a move to Ferrari when his contract at Mercedes comes to an end.

Lewis Hamilton will become a Ferrari driver and not renew his contract with Mercedes, according to former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan. Hamilton has yet to renew terms with his current team despite negotiations being planned.

And Jordan is convinced that time is getting ever closer for the legendary British driver.

“Lewis will switch to Ferrari,” he told F1-Insider.com.

“Only the Italians can still afford his salary and they know that he is worth it.

“[Max] Verstappen will stay with Red Bull and try to beat Lewis. But that will be very difficult.

“I am convinced that manufacturers like Mercedes, Honda and maybe Renault will pull the ripcord and will end their Formula 1 commitment in the next two years.”

The outspoken Jordan also opened up on the future of Sebastian Vettel in F1 and believes he will have to either leave the sport or join McLaren.

He added: “Unlike Lewis Hamilton, I dont know Vettel very well, but in my opinion he has no choice but to stop or switch to McLaren. The train at Ferrari has long left for him.”

Jordan also thinks Mercedes could leave the sport which would be linked to their lead sponsor Petronas.

He explained: “Oil prices are falling, so the oil companies can no longer afford a commitment that is in the mid double-digit million range each year.

“Petronas will therefore also have to stop their sponsorship.

“This then tears a huge hole into the budget.”

The F1 season has not got underway yet due to the coronavirus pandemic worldwide.

F1 CEO Chase Carey is hoping the 2020 season can get underway in the summer though, starting with the Austrian Grand Prix.

He said: “Were targeting a start to racing in Europe through July, August and beginning of September, with the first race taking place in Austria on 3-5 July weekend.

“September, October and November, would see us race in Eurasia, Asia and the Americas, finishing the season in the Gulf in December with Bahrain before the traditional finale in Abu Dhabi, having completed between 15-18 races.”

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