London Weighting: Ultimate Guide For 2022

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London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – London weighting started right after the Industrial revolution hit. The production in all the factories became extremely low. They all were looking for a way to attract a lot of staff members. Whether it is the labor of the machine or turning the wheels for production, staff wasn’t sufficient. As predicted thousands of people flocked to London to get a job. Moreover, the influx increased for the people while the cost of living also became better. Many people believe that London weighting is more than necessary now as it is expensive as compared to other cities.

What Is London Weighting 2022?

London Weighting is an allowance that is paid to the workers by the Government. This list includes NHS employees, civil servants, and teaches. If you are into police and security services you can get this allowance very easily. It is designed to cater to the needs of workers as London is an expensive city. The purpose of having this allowance is to attract a large number of the working class to the city.

 Some people try and relocate to smaller cities as the cost of living is moderate. If you are a diligent doctor it is easy for you to get London weighting. The London NHS Trust is responsible for distributing this money to the working class.

According to a recent study, the cost of living in London is 20% higher than in the smaller cities. However, global trends, technology, and innovation make it an attractive place to live. It seems like London Weighting has now become a necessity.

How Much London Weighting Should I Get?

London weighting is an allowance that is given to a certain working class. If you are a doctor, teacher, or civil servant you can get London Weighting. Moreover, Ph.D. students can get this allowance to cover their cost of living.

Those who are getting low pay in the capital will get a minimum amount of London Weighting. However, low to middle-income workers can earn up to £40,000 per annum, as this includes minimum London Weighting. To get a certain amount of London Weighting you must have an equal playing field.

You may feel that you are spending more than usual, but it can be a threat to the growth of your business. If someone works at a flat rate, two people with 120k or 20k will get the same amount. However, the only difference will be the percentage system. It will be two to six times higher depending on your job status.

The highly-paid workers can easily maintain a decent living standard even without a minimum London Weighting. No matter which position you are working at, a minimum London weighting will be £9,600 in Inner London. Similarly, it will be around £6,549 in Outer London. It will help workers cover additional expenses and maintain a good living standard.

How Do I Work Out London Weighting?

Due to the high living standard in London, NSH staff working in London will get a 20% increase in their pay.  All the staff members who work outside London will get only a 15% increase in their overall pay. If you are working in the fringe zone of London, expect only a 5% increase.

It may seem challenging to work out London Weighting if you don’t have high pay. London Weighting has to be around £7,700 per year in Inner London. While it will be over £6,200 in Outer London. 

If you get this much allowance it will help you sort out your expenses like food or rent. The best thing is that the working class has an access to many jobs in London. According to the job status, they are given a minimum or maximum level of allowance.

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How Much Is London Weighting per Hour?

London Weighting per hour working rate is set at £11.95. Moreover, it is calculated separately to judge the high cost of living in London. Every worker and their family would be able to afford all the essentials with this much allowance. They can save a certain amount for the future as well.

The recent increase in London Weighting is turning out to be favorable for the working class. There is no doubt that the living crisis since May 2022 is becoming difficult to manage. This is why the Government has decided to give minimum London weighting for covering the basic standard of living. Many workers can easily get £6,549 according to new research. However, the average minimum London weighting will be around £2,000.

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