What Is Boston Famous For (Top Things To Experience)

Boston (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Whenever we think about US landmarks, Boston will be the last thing on our minds. It doesn’t have an Empire State building or White House. However, it still has plenty of famous landmarks to explore. Boston is popular as the site of many important events in the American Revolution. This city is popular for its historical buildings and rich history. There are many museums and performance venues of art, music, and theater. You will be surprised to know that it has one of the top educational institutions. The city has many accommodation options where you stay as a traveler.

Top Things to Experience in Boston

Are you planning to visit the city of Boston? There are many interesting things that you can explore in Boston. Many travelers like to stay here for many days so they can experience the culture and heritage of this city. Here are some of the best things Boston is popular for.

1. Fenway Park

Boston happens to be popular for sports. Fenway Park is a baseball park that is located near Kenmore Square. It is also home to the Boston Red Sox which is a famous professional baseball team. Many teams including them participate in Major League Baseball. You will be surprised to know that this park was built in 1912 and happens to be the oldest one. In a few years, major renovations and expansions have taken place. Fenway Park is listed among the top Historic places on the National Register.

2. Baked Beans

The baked beans of Boston are delicious and quite popular among travelers and residents. These beans are sweet and flavored with cured pork or bacon. Boston has been an exporter of beans. The history behind the baked beans is quite interesting. Its history goes back to the Pilgrims of Plymouth in the 1620s. Molasses are used to make baked bean recipes. On your next trip to Boston, you can try brown bread, baked beans, and sausages.

3. Boston Harbor walk

Boston is popular for its iconic harbor which is a delight to watch. The city is surrounded by water and you can see the Charles River running throughout. While the Atlantic Ocean flows to the West. You can experience the waterfront visuals by visiting the harbor walk. When you go for a walk near this harbor it will give you a good experience. Don’t forget to go there with your friends or family.

4. The Boston Symphony Orchestra

The Boston Symphony Orchestra is an important part of the Big Five. It happens to be a group of five American symphony orchestras. These Orchestras were first founded in 1891 and still going strong. The Boston Symphony Hall and a National Historic Landmark are one of the best acoustics of concert halls. During summer you can enjoy the Boston Symphony Orchestra. As it is an outdoor music venue you can enjoy good music here.

5. Quincy Market

Quincy Market happens to be one of the most popular spots in Boston. This is a large market complex that is located since 1862. You can purchase high-quality grocery items that include eggs, meat, and bread. One of the best-prepared items is available at different food stall vendors. There are plenty of sit-down restaurants where you can enjoy eating delicious food. Boston is located in the middle of a large shopping complex. It boasts a variety of stores that feature clothes and jewelry.

6. New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium is one of the best places to visit in Boston. The aquarium is quite popular among tourists. Around 1.3 million visitors visit this spot every year. Once you enter the aquarium you will notice a large pool where several species are presented. Plenty of penguins play and swim in the aquarium which is a treat to watch. If you are an animal lover you can enjoy watching sharks, turtles, and stingrays swimming all over the coral reef.

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7. Chinatown

Like many other prominent cities in the US, Boston has an exclusive Chinatown. Many people are drawn to this place as it provides you with delicious food items. There is a big variety of Asian cuisine that is available at many restaurants. You have the option to have casual takeout from a fancy restaurant. Apart from that Chinatown has become the top spot for experiencing Asian Culture. During August travelers can attend the Moon Festival. It features traditional folk dancing and martial arts demonstration. You can attend the parade with Lion and other interesting costumes.

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