LUSH’s new Afro hair care range takes inspiration from family recipes

Lush has launched a new range of hair care products designed for afro hair.

The collection includes a co-wash, two conditioners and three styling products.

Overseen by afro hair care specialist, Sarah Sango, who worked in conjunction with the HairLab team, the range is available for purchase in stores and online from Friday 13 November.

Sango joined the cruelty-free retailer two and half years ago and identified an opportunity to cater to the needs of customers with afro hair.

Using recipes and knowledge from family and friends, she tailored the range specifically for afro-textured hair, with even the fragrances of each product designed to complement each other.

The Reneé Shea Souffle, named after Sango’s sister who inspired the recipe, contains Fair Trade shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil and castor oil.

Inspired by a homemade recipe, Glory Conditioner contains okra gel, coconut cream and castor oil, which work together to give the hair slip.

And, Power Conditioner contains sweet potato, maple syrup and protein to help rebuild chemically treated hair for added bounce.

“When I look at these six products sitting together, I think joyous thoughts,” she said.

“Knowing from cleansing to defining my style, there is finally an afro Hair Care range available for the community in every Lush store.

“Our ‘fro’s are worn in different shapes and sizes. Hair grows up, out, and down. On Monday I might install my lace front, on Friday – box braids down to the ground,” she said.

“The styles are endless, so you can imagine how many more products can be created. Afro hair is a journey, and mine with Lush is just getting started.”

Addressing the challenges those with afro hair often face in sourcing affordable and suitable products for their hair on the high street, Sango added: “I just think that anywhere you go, there should be products available for afro hair.

“It’s my goal and my responsibility to make sure that everybody is able to find products that are suitable for them, whatever their needs, when they come to Lush,” she said.