“Member of Parliament Marco Longhi has taken decisive action in response to the tragic fire that consumed the iconic Crooked House Pub, a beloved symbol of the Black Country’s heritage.

Committed to preventing similar losses and preserving cultural landmarks, Mr. Longhi aims to introduce the ‘Crooked House Clause’ – a legislative initiative intended to prevent the unwarranted demolition of historical sites.

Representing Dudley North, Marco Longhi has consistently advocated for the interests of his community. The devastating fire that ravaged The Crooked House Pub deeply affected him, motivating him to vigorously protect the area’s historical treasures.

Mr. Longhi directed a letter to Chief Constable Chris Noble of Staffordshire Police, expressing concern over the tragic incident at The Crooked House Pub and the subsequent demolition of the site. In the letter, he questioned the circumstances surrounding the demolition and raised apprehensions about potential interference with the ongoing investigation. He inquired about the responsible parties for the demolition, notification to the police, and communication with relevant local authorities and stakeholders.

Mr. Longhi’s response to this tragedy is the ‘Crooked House Clause,’ which could take the form of a clause, an amendment to the current law, or even a Bill. This initiative is aimed at safeguarding British pub heritage and protecting significant pubs like The Crooked House from being demolished. The clause seeks to establish robust safeguards against the destruction of landmarks that hold deep cultural significance.

The ‘Crooked House Clause’ might encompass several crucial elements to create a comprehensive framework for protecting heritage sites. It will underscore the collective value of these landmarks to the community and envision active participation from local communities, heritage experts, and relevant organizations in determining their fate.

This initiative will introduce a distinct recognition for heritage sites that meet specific criteria, affording them enhanced legal protection. It will also emphasize potential legal consequences for parties responsible for unauthorized demolitions under this clause, acting as a strong deterrent against hasty actions that jeopardize cultural treasures.

Mr. Longhi envisions a collaborative effort involving local authorities, heritage advocates, and concerned citizens to collectively preserve and celebrate these landmarks. The ‘Crooked House Clause’ serves as a determined response to the tragedy, with the goal of preventing future losses like that of The Crooked House Pub.

Following the fire, Marco Longhi MP sought clarifications from both the police and fire services and the local Council regarding the circumstances surrounding the blaze at the Crooked House Pub. He also engaged in constructive dialogues with residents during a meeting held on August 16th, attentively addressing their concerns and aspirations for robust heritage protection.

During The Crooked House Public Meeting, recently conducted, Marco Longhi MP delivered an impactful opening statement, setting the tone for the evening by emphasizing unity and collective resilience.

Mr. Longhi shared personal memories of The Crooked House Pub, highlighting its architectural charm and cultural significance. Attendees raised crucial questions about the rebuilding process, legislative changes, protection of heritage sites, and community engagement. Mr. Longhi addressed each query, demonstrating his commitment to collaborative efforts and the preservation of cherished landmarks.

The introduction of the ‘Crooked House Clause’ would signify a pivotal stride toward safeguarding the cultural heritage of this country.”

Marco Longhi is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Dudley North since 2019

Marco Longhi

Marco Longhi is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Dudley North since 2019