Merlin Entertainments, a theme park company, to run Cadbury World

LONDON (Parliament Politics Magazine): In accordance with a deal, Merlin Entertainments, theme park operator, will run the Cadbury World.

Over 600,000 people visit the Birmingham attraction every year since it opened in 1990.

Merlin will be in charge of the site’s day-to-day operations, its personnel, and all operational decisions as part of the collaboration.

Mondelēz International, which owns Cadbury, has stated that it will bring the brand’s legacy to more  people.

Merlin, which owns Sea Life Centres, Madame Tussauds and Alton Towers, will also have brand usage rights for Cadbury World in the United Kingdom.

The partnership is part of Merlin’s ambition to get into agreements with global brands, it is said, which already has arrangements with Bear Grylls, Lego and Marvel.

“We want to build on the strong foundations we’ve laid so that people can continue to enjoy Cadbury World for generations to come.” Louise Stigant, UK managing director of  International, which acquired Cadbury in 2010, said.

He expressed excitement over the partnership as the 200th anniversary of Cadbury approaches.

“We have long admired Cadbury as the nation’s favourite chocolate brand and have already successfully worked together across a range of experiential activities and retail spaces in our UK theme parks,” said Mark Fisher, chief development officer at Merlin Entertainments.

With the addition of some Merlin magic, they were delighted to extend the partnership and bring to life the sights, fragrances, and delightful experiences that chocolate fans have come to know and love, he added.

The partnership is conditional on the CMA verifying that it has no objections, and if approved, it will begin operations in summer 2022.

Making chocolate for about 200 years

  • In 1824, John Cadbury’s first shop came into being on Birmingham’s 93 Bull Street, selling cocoa and hot chocolate among other things.
  • In 1831, he opened his first business on Crooked Lane, before moving to larger premises on Bridge Street in 1847.
  • The construction of a factory at Bournville began in 1878, with the first bricks being laid the following year.
  • The dark chocolate Bournville bar was introduced in 1908, and Dairy Milk was invented in 1905.
  • Cadbury purchased Fry’s in 1919
  • In 1969, Cadbury and Schweppes merged
  • Cadbury Schweppes acquired Adams in 2003 and became the leading confectionery company of the world.
  • Cadbury and Schweppes demerged five years later.
  • In 2010, Cadbury became a part of Kraft Foods, which is now known as Mondelez International.