MI5 Issues Warning Over Chinese Agent in Parliament

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The government intelligence agency MI5 has issued a security warning for MPs after it was revealed a Chinese agent is working in Parliament. The Chinese agent, named Christine Ching Kui Lee, has reportedly been conducting political activities in the UK and facilitating financial donations to UK MPs. The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, circulated the Security Service  Alert to all MPs.

MI5 warning over Chinese agen in Parliament

The warning was issued after discussions between MI5 and parliamentary security services. It was also sent to a number of members of parliament in order to alert them to the suspicious activities of the Chinese agent. The MPs were advised to contact the director of parliamentary security to learn more about the allegations. TheGuardian said it had contacted Lee, but she did not respond to questions from the paper.

The security service issued the warning following discussions with the parliamentary security authorities. The UK government is concerned that the activities of the Chinese agent in the UK are likely to pose a risk to national security. The’security service’ said it believes Lee may be pursuing a’spying’ campaign to influence British politics. The warning comes only a few days after Lee had donated money to British parliamentarians.

The British intelligence service warned MPs about Christine Ching Kui Lee last month, after hearing claims that the Chinese agent was engaged in political interference activities. She is alleged to have solicited financial donations from politicians in mainland China and Hong Kong.

The MI5 has warned that the Chinese agent was operating in Parliament after it received a Security

The Home Secretary says that the UK’s security services will continue to issue “interference alerts” in future. She has also ordered a parliamentary inquiry to ensure that there was no such a spy in the UK. The Home Office says the warning is a “significant concern” and that all MPs should be aware of it. The home secretary says that the UK has taken measures to protect its citizens against foreign interference.

The Home Secretary has warned the British people against any interference with the Chinese embassy in the UK. The UK has already made significant changes to identify foreign interference in the UK’s affairs, but there has been no evidence of Chinese agent in the UK. As a result, the Home Secretary is concerned that any suspicious activity will be exposed to the public and that the British government needs to take action to protect the citizens of the country.

The UK government is concerned about the growing threat of Chinese agents operating in Parliament. Amid a growing number of ‘foreign agents’ in the UK, the MI5 has warned that the presence of an active Chinese agen’ has placed the citizens of the UK at risk. The home office has refused to comment on the MI5 security alert, but the home office and MI5 are investigating the situation.