Michael Gove Calls for Boris Johnson’s Comeback

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London (Parliament Politics Maganize) – Michael Gove urges Conservative unity, emphasizing Boris Johnson’s pivotal role in countering Starmer’s perceived threats in upcoming elections.

Michael Gove has indicated that Boris Johnson could make a comeback during the Conservative election drive, asking for the whole “Conservative family” to “come jointly” to save the country from the “nightmare of a Starmer premiership.”

He argued that the Labour leader “cannot be relied upon to stand up for this country.”

Questioned if he would like to witness Boris Johnson come back and campaign with the party ahead of this year’s general election, Gove described GB News: “Well, the first thing is, yes, I absolutely believe – I’ve been involved in election drives in the past where we started out in the low twenties, but we ended up getting 52 percent of the vote.

“I was one of the people involved in the Brexit campaign. Campaigns can change people’s senses, and you can win even when it occurs at the start of the campaign; you’re pretty far behind.

“And speaking of that that Brexit campaign – Boris recreated a big part in that. Boris is a great campaigner.

“What I would like to see is the whole Conservative family come together to guarantee that this entire country doesn’t meet the nightmare of a Starmer premiership.

“As the Prime Minister said this week, Starmer is spineless, shameless; he cannot be relied upon to stand up for this country, either against extremist intimidation or in an increasingly competitive world.”

Moreover, last year October, Michael Gove also revealed he apologized “a long time ago” to Boris Johnson over their fallout during the 2016 Tory leadership contest.

Mr. Johnson ended up finishing the race to succeed David Cameron in the wake of the Brexit vote after Mr. Gove drew support to launch his own ultimately unsuccessful campaign.

The two were key figures in the Vote Leave campaign, handling rallies together and defying Mr Cameron by supporting Britain’s exit from the European Union.

However, Mr. Gove announced he was running for the top job just hours before Mr. Johnson was set to launch his election drive and criticized his rival publicly.

In an discussion with The Camilla Tominey Show on GB News on the first day of the annual Conservative Party Conference, Mr. Gove stated: “I enjoyed working for Boris. 

“We all know that Boris is a politician with massive gifts, but also, you know, he made some missteps, and we all know what happened as a result of that. I talked to him at a social event a wee while ago, but he’s now a private citizen, so that’s a private conversation.”

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In the interview, Mr. Gove also expressed that leveling up involves “many more things” than HS2 as he continually refused to comment on the assumption that the Manchester to Birmingham leg of the rail project could be axed by Rishi Sunak as soon as possible.

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