Mindy Kaling and Rodarte Deliver a Fashion Feel Good Moment

Rodarte’s Fall 2020 show was a spectacular affair. Inspired by the gothic romance of Eiko Ishioka’s costumes from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy went all-in on embellishment and revisited extreme silhouettes from bygone eras. Naturally, the textured brocades, lace veils, and sequins chosen by the Mulleavys struck a chord with their brand’s famous fans, and this weekend on Instagram, Mindy Kaling wore one of the most compelling pieces. The actress-producer was at her sartorial best in a petal pink, silk-chiffon maxi dress detailed with ruffles and an appliqué rose. Unabashedly feminine with hearts and microfloral prints splashed across every inch, the dress was pure feel-good fashion.

On the red carpet and in her social media updates, Kaling gravitates towards cheerful clothes—bright colors, expressive prints, and plenty of statement accessories. The Rodarte piece aligns with her tastes in fashion and art. Whether she’s writing her latest series, penning New Yorker article on rom-coms, or tweeting her thoughts about Bridgerton, Kaling is a die-hard romantic. When you find an outfit that connects with who you are, it’s news worth sharing, and on Instagram, she acknowledged her latest look with a coy caption that read, “wearing my heart on my sle– dress

Of course, you don’t have to make movies to appreciate the Mulleavys’ work. After all the uninspiring at-home fashion of 2020, the runway’s fun factor has never seemed more enticing. Most collections still skew serious, but pieces that offer whimsy always elicit smiles. With good times in short supply, feel-good clothes and the mood boost are all the more special.