MPs Urge Transparency on Post-Brexit EU Plant and Food Product Border Inspections

MPs Urge Transparency on Post-Brexit EU Plant and Food Product Border Inspections (1) (1)
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London (Parliament News) – MPs Question Government Transparency on EU Plant and Food Border Checks

Lawmakers express concerns over Brexit border control delays, demanding clarity from the UK government on the phased implementation of checks.

MPs have raised concerns over the UK government’s willingness for post-Brexit border control checks, which are due to come in next week, claiming that a scaling back of its objectives appeared to convey a sixth pause to their long-awaited introduction.

What’s Causing Concerns Over EU Plant and Food Inspections?

According to the Guardian, the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee (EFRA) has reported to the government demanding clearness over the exact nature of the physical examinations on plant and food products after it appeared these may be significantly climbed back due to fears of delays at the border.

On Tuesday, the government is prepared to begin checks on medium and high-risk plant and animal imports from the EU, as part of its Border Target Operating Model (BTOM) program.

The government demanded that checks begin but expressed some would be delayed, with inspectors concentrating on the highest-risk products before rising up to a more comprehensive regime in the future.

Are MPs Satisfied with the Government’s Transparency on Border Checks?

Robert Goodwill, the chair of the EFRA committee, requested clarity from the government over what the latest uncertainties entailed and details on what a graduated procedure for the sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) checks would look like in practice.

In a note to the environment secretary, Steve Barclay, Goodwill stated it was clear that ports and businesses were encountering further uncertainty and were “confused and frustrated” over the delivery of these fundamental border controls.

He stated: “There is broad consensus that a transmitted, phased implementation of SPS checks with distinct, attainable milestones is a strategic and practical approach to change.

“We are concerned that your approach if as reported, has resulted from poor planning and delivery of the model.”

Goodwill added: “We are concerned that this is a sixth delay to the implementation of SPS import checks in all but name.”

Is Confusion Surrounding Brexit Border Plans Affecting Businesses?

Physical inspections at the border were first scheduled to be presented in July 2021 but were pushed back as several border control posts were incomplete. There have been four subsequent delays, with the last one taking position in August 2023. Last week, trade bodies represented the border system as being in “complete disarray” after the latest uncertainty to checks emerged, with some caution that the confusion around the government’s programs made it difficult for businesses to plan.

Businesses have frequently complained about being left in the dark over characteristics of the government’s border plans. This includes pauses in publishing crucial points about how much it will cost businesses to maintain plant and animal goods coming via the Port of Dover and Channel tunnel.

A government spokesperson stated: “Taking a pragmatic approach to presenting our new border checks minimises disruption, shields our biosecurity and benefits everyone – especially traders.

“There has been an extensive arrangement with businesses over the past year – with our approach welcomed by several trade associations and port management. We are confident we have adequate capacity and capability across all points of entry to control the volume and type of expected checks.”

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