Northern Ireland Elections 2022 result announcement

LONDON (Parliament Politics Magazine) – In the Northern Ireland Assembly, Sinn Féin has been certified as the largest party.

Sinn Féin has now secured 27 seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly, making it the largest party for the first time.

Cara Hunter won the final seat in East Londonderry, giving the SDLP another seat after a difficult couple of days.

In the tenth round of counting, she gained her seat.

The following are the final results for the constituency:

Sinn Féin’s Caoimhe Archibald

  • Maurice Bradley (DUP)
  • Alan Derek Joseph Robinson  (DUP)
  • Cara Hunter (IND) 
  • Cara Hunter (SDLP) 

Ciara Ferguson of Sinn Féin was elected in Foyle

Foyle has finally given us an update after a lengthy wait.

Ciara Ferguson of Sinn Féin was re-elected to the assembly after reaching the quota on the eighth count.

As a result, the two candidates of the party in Foyle have been elected, despite the fact that neither has ever run for an assembly election.

Ms Ferguson will return to Stormont with her running companion, Padraig Delargy, who was co-opted into the seat in 2021.

Alliance has more than double the number of seats.

Alliance has had a fantastic few days, and with the election of Nuala McAllister in North Belfast, the party now has 17, more than doubling the eight seats it won in 2017.

For the first time, it is the third-largest in Stormont, with its new MLAs putting it before both the SDLP and the Ulster Unionists.

The current state of affairs in Belfast North

Here’s how things look in Belfast North now that the final seats have been announced:

  • Carál N Chuiln (Sinn Féin)
  • Brett, Phillip (DUP)
  • Kingston, Brian (DUP)
  • McAllister, Nuala (Alliance)

Connie Egan of the Alliance has won the fifth and final seat in North Down, ensuring that the area will be represented by two Alliance MLAs at Stormont.

Ms Egan was elected to Ards and North Down Council for the first time in 2019, winning the Bangor West constituency.

She’ll be joining Andrew Muir on the hill after defeating Rachel Woods of the Green Party.

As a result, the Green Party is no longer represented in the assembly.

Alan Chambers of the UUP was also elected on the ninth count in North Down.

MLAs from North Down include:

  • Easton, Alex (Independent)
  • Muir, Andrew (Alliance)
  • Alan Chambers (DUP) 
  • Egan, Connie (Alliance)
  • Dunne, Stephen (DUP)

Patsy McGlone of the SDLP wins the final seat in Mid Ulster.

On the eighth count, Patsy McGlone of the SDLP holds his seat in Mid Ulster.

He completes the constituency’s five-member team.

Since 2003, the former deputy party leader has served as an MLA representing the district.

MLAs from Mid Ulster include:

  • Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill
  • Buchanan, Keith (DUP)
  • Sinn Féin’s Emma Sheerin
  • Sinn Fein’s Linda Dillon
  • Patsy McGlone (SDLP)

Belfast East’s final seats have been announced.

On the 11th count, the DUP’s David Brooks and the UUP’s Andy Allen were elected to the remaining seats in Belfast East.

As a result, both the Alliance and the DUP hold two seats in the constituency.

With 32.4 percent of the vote in the constituency, the Alliance won the most first choice votes.

The following are the final results:

  • Long, Naomi (APNI)
  • Bunting, Joanne (DUP)
  • Brooks, David (DUP)
  • Andy Allen (UUP) 
  • Peter McReynolds (APNI)


  • After the Assembly elections in Northern Ireland, counting is nearing completion, with 88 of the 90 seats filled.
  • After winning 27 seats in the Assembly elections in Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin has become the largest party and will be able to nominate a first minister, a first for a nationalist party.
  • Since the foundation of Northern Ireland in 1921, a unionist party has always been the largest in the assembly, and previously the parliament.
  • Since 2007, the Democratic Unionist Party has held the office, but its vote share has decreased.
  • Sinn Féin wants Northern Ireland to secede from the United Kingdom and rejoin with the Republic.
  • However, a Sinn Féin victory does not imply that a referendum, commonly known as a border poll, will be held soon.
  • The cross-community Alliance party has increased its seat count from eight to seventeen since last time.

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