Over a quarter of a million given booster jabs over the new year

Over the start of 2022, the NHS issued a wide scale push in their vaccination rollout, enlisting the help of volunteers to deliver a ‘jabby new year.’ This campaign aimed to encourage adults, who had previously received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination, to book an appointment for their booster jab or to visit a walk in centre.

This campaign has been highly successful. Over New Years Eve, New Years Day and the initial days of 2022, an incredible 326,152 coronavirus vaccinations were delivered with over two hundred thousand of these being the new, booster jabs. Vaccination against coronavirus continues to be our best form of protection against the virus that has overtaken our lives for the previous two years. The success of this rollout is a real testament to the NHS and its incredible volunteers across the country that have made this rollout a possibility.

The success of this New Year period has been met with persistent enthusiasm as the NHS continues to strive to vaccinate as many of the UK’s residents as they can in the early months of this year. Over two million jabs were available in the first weeks of January in a rollout that has been so quick and effective it has been labelled a ‘national mission’ for nationwide protection.

The determination to vaccinate as many individuals as possible, in response to growing fear around the Omicron variant, has result in vaccination appointments being held in a hugely varied and unexpected number of alternative venues. Vaccination rollout has seen jabs being administered within soup kitchens, race courses, stadiums, RAF bases and even Christmas markets.

Whether it’s time for your second vaccination, you’re due your booster or you still need your first jab, you are able to book an appointment, at a convenient time local to you, through the NHS booking service. This has also been recently opened to children from the ages of twelve to fifteen . To book in a child to receive their vaccination a family member will need to book them an appointment and visit the vaccination centre with them, to give consent for their jab.

Eleanor Wadley

Eleanor Wadley has extensive experience in writing in a wide-range of fields including travel and lifestyle, tourism, educational content for charities. Eleanor kicked off her career with a first class degree in Illustration and Creative and Professional Writing from the University of Worcester.