Paramedic Salary: Everything To Know In 2024

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – As a paramedic, you have to work hard as an independent healthcare professional. It is all about treating patients with timely strategies and skills. The level of care ranges to a large extent where you have to deal with life-threatening conditions. However, the paramedic is all about dealing with minor illnesses and other injuries. The doctor must take a full medical and health assessment to determine the condition of the patient.

They must provide essential treatment and transport the patient to a healthcare facility. You will have to work with two other people inside the ambulance. Whether it is an ambulance technician or an emergency care assistant, you have to deal with it all. In some cases, the paramedic may handle things all alone.

Types Of Treatment Given By The Paramedics

Paramedics are responsible for dealing with 50% of medical cases. Whether they visit someone’s home or discuss things privately will depend on the patient’s choice. They have to negotiate and come up with the best possible outcomes. They must treat the patient even if they face life-threatening situations. They offer plenty of treatments for patients that include the following:

  • Stabilizing patients or bringing them back to life
  • Maintain an airway through a stepwise approach
  • Stopping hemorrhage
  • Using top tech equipment that includes defibrillator and pulse oximeters
  • To apply spinal and traction splint
  • Putting intravenous drips and drugs to patients
  • Paramedics work with emergency services like police and coast guards

What Is The Salary Of Paramedics?

The salary of paramedics is covered by NHS Agenda for Change pay scales. Usually, the salary of a Paramedic starts at Band 5. The range starts from £25,655 to £31,534. Once you move to Band 6 the range of salary will move up to £32,306 and £39,027. However, you will enter Band 6 after two years of your career. If you are newly qualified pandemic your pay scale will be lower than usual. The tram leaders and senior paramedics are skilled and have taken good training.

They can take care of critical patients especially the ones with trauma. The salaries at Band 6/7 will normally fall between £32,306 and £45,839. Paramedics who work in primary care or GP practice can move into Band 7 after a year. If you can continue to work up to level seven your basic salary will increase even more. While working in Band 8c your salary will be £65,664 to £75,874.

Employees can benefit a lot from working as a paramedic. It usually involves an NHS pension scheme that will benefit the employees in many ways. They can also get study leave and get enrolled in a sponsored course. Moreover, they can have relocation packages and access counseling services and other treatments. Interestingly, the salaries outside NHS can vary depending on the demand and requirements of the organization.

What Are The Working Hours Of Paramedics?

The emergency ambulance service is available 24 hours a day. You need to take shifts and cover this duty. As a paramedic, you need to work for around 37.5 per week. Whether you work in the evening, at night or weekend will be your choice. However, paramedics can enjoy public holidays. You may be required to work for additional hours due to stand-by and on-call duty. It will become even more necessary when you are working in remote areas. You can also enjoy flexible working hours especially when you choose to work as a part-time worker.

Paramedic students usually receive a good amount of support from the Government. They get £5,000 per year. Moreover, there is up to £3,000 in funding that is available for many bright students. You can pay it back but still have easy access to get funds for tuition. Paramedics must have good knowledge and communication skills to deal with various patients.

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If you have a good amount of experience and are ready to take training, there are plenty of opportunities. You have the option to move into senior paramedic roles. While playing all such roles you have to take full responsibility. Moreover, you have to give timely treatments at the right time. Sometimes paramedics have to deal with patients at the scene of an emergency.

As a senior paramedic, you can work at a community hospital. You may have to take care of GP surgeries or work conveniently at the health centers. There are plenty of hospital accidents that need timely treatment plans. If you plan to take further experience in critical care and trauma, your rank will improve.

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