Possible UN showdown between Biden and Russia

New York (Parliament Politics Magazine) – The Biden administration has plans to strategically use the United Nations Security Council as a way to keep Russia in its place. While the official reason may be that this will occur if Russia, specifically Moscow, intervenes with the Ukraine, others may view this possibility as a move to sour the budding relationship between China and Russia.

The China-Russian connection has already been a reason for caution for the U.S. and this move would be highlighting their conflicting views on sovereignty of territorial states, and could therefore cause friction between the two countries. Additionally, doing so would emphasize Russia’s diplomatic isolation and lack of allies.

Should this plan be set into motion, the U.S. Ambassador would be arguing against the Russian ambassador in a public standoff. This will truly showcase whether or not Linda Thomas-Greenfield has the debating skills it takes to out-argue Vassily Nebenzia.

The U.S. has already set itself up for this by keeping allies in Europe as well as the UN informed on Russia’s activities in the military. While the U.S. may not be able to do much at such a showdown to hinder Russia from interfering with Ukraine, the U.S. wants to take advantage of the name that the UN Security Council has made for itself by having been the setting for many different arguments between countries in the past.

Currently, Russia seems to have gathered about 100,000 military troops at the border of Ukraine and seem to be waiting to take action at any time. The U.S. has been in talks with Russia for weeks on avoiding any kind of crisis, however little progress has been made. According to an informant and U.S. intelligence, Russia is prepared to invade the Ukraine under false pretenses.

At a press conference on Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki discussed that Russia seems to be deploying a tactic of spreading disinformation in order to start framing Ukraine as an aggressor in the future. She described that it seems like Russia is starting to paint Ukraine in a light as if its people would want to attack Russia themselves, in order to later on justify this planned attack.

While the truth has yet to be revealed, only time will tell.

Maximiliane Smith

Maximiliane Smith is an american journalist based in Washington. She covers poltical and social news across the UK. She is An avid reader and writer with a passion for all things justice. She loves to discuss and write about sustainability, health, gender equality, and more. A graduate from UMBC with a Bachelor’s in Psychology,