Qatargate: New Immunity Waiver Requests Are Also Being Prepared

The second phase is the investigation into the Qatargate scandal, which has caused great disturbance in the European Parliament.

Announcement of New Developments

The newspaper La Repubblica announced new developments in the case during the first week of 2023, noting in its New Year’s paper that the request of the Belgian authorities to lift the immunity of at least two MEPs is ready to be sent.

The Belgian judiciary has already taken care to inform Brussels of two requests, which will concern, according to “Repubblica”, MEPs Mark Tarabella and Andrea Coccolino, while correspondingly it seems that – for now – the case of Maria Arena, who is also under investigation for possible illegal activities with Qatar.

In fact, the Italian newspaper notes that the developments will “run” as it is likely that the plenary session of the European Parliament will convene for the new requests to lift immunity on January 16, which, barring exceptional circumstances, will be accepted.

As for the two Italian MEPs Alessandra Moretti and Brando Benifei, it is noted that their aides may have been involved in the communication network with Qatar, however there is insufficient evidence that they themselves were aware of their activities and the full extent of their… cooperation with Antonio Panzeri, who appears as the “brain” of the Qatar deals.

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Beth Malcolm

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