Rishi Sunak Defends Tax Cuts Amidst By-Election Losses

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London (Parliament Politic Magazine) – Despite by-election losses, PM Sunak asserts tax cuts are viable amidst the recession, claiming the Conservative plan is effective, signaling economic improvement

PM presses he can cut taxes in a recession and states Conservatives’ ‘plan is working’ despite heavy defeats in and Wellingborough. Rishi Sunak has reacted to the devastating double blow after failing both the Kingswood and Wellingborough by-elections.

The prime minister expressed that the circumstances surrounding the by-elections were “particularly challenging” as Labour achieved massive majorities of 11,220 and 18,540.

“We look at the results, very low turnout, (it) shows that we’ve got work to do, to show people that we are delivering on their priorities, and that’s what I’m determined to do,” Sunak briefed reporters during a visit to southeast England.

Rishi Sunak has urged that his government can afford to cut taxes, despite the country has entered a recession, because “economic conditions have improved”.

Speaking to the media, he stated “Our plan is working” and he can “give everyone the piece of mind that there is a better future for them and their families”.

He stated tax cuts were possible “because of our plan to halve inflation, which has been successful over the past year, and because economic conditions have improved. We have already been able to start cutting taxes for people.”

He persisted, “We delivered a significant tax cut at the start of this year, cutting the rate of national insurance from 12% to 10%, now that means someone on an average earnings of about £35,000 is seeing a tax cut worth £450 that hit their payslips in January.

“Now that will benefit everyone at work, it demonstrates that our plan is working. If we stick with that plan, I can give everyone the piece of mind that there is a better future for them and their families ahead, and we can all have a renewed sense of pride in the country.

Today, Sunak has been meeting with the local police force in Harlow.

He informed the media that he was making progress on his five key commitments. He stated:

“We’ve clearly been through a lot over the past couple of years as a country, but I genuinely believe at the start of this year we’re pointing in the right direction.

“Now we’re not out of the woods yet, but across all the priorities that I set out, we’re making progress.

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“Inflation has been more than split, the economy out-performed expectations last year, debt is on track to fall, we’ve cut the number of illegal migrants by a third and we’re making progress on the longest waits in the NHS.”

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