Sue Gray: New allegations revealed in Boris Johnson’s questioning

LONDON (Parliament Politics Magazine): Sue Gray is said to have interviewed Boris Johnson as part of the probe into numerous parties at Downing Street, after news of a new Covid-rule-breaking gathering surfaced yesterday night.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Johnson is said to have “shared what he knows” with senior civil servant Sue Gray as she prepares to release her report on coronavirus rule-breaking this week.

The discovery of several alleged rule violations have put Mr Johnson’s premiership under serious strain, causing growing dissatisfaction among backbench Tory MPs.

Mr Johnson is reported to have attended a leaving function before Christmas 2020, at which he gave a speech to honour the departure of Captain Steve Higham, his defence adviser, according to stories in the Mirror.

Following the sources, Mr Johnson may reshuffle his top team and make a slew of policy pronouncements, along with giving the military control to prevent small boats from crossing the English Channel.

Rachel Johnson, sister of PM Boris Johnson, attempted to clear the air about ‘Partygate’ on her LBC radio show yesterday, which fared about as well as could be imagined, writes a source.


The Labour’s Response?

In the run-up to the May 2021 elections, Keir Starmer has refused to apologise over photographs of him drinking beer in an office in April 2021.

“The restrictions allowed people to work when they needed to, we were running an election campaign, we were in a constituency office,” the Labour leader told LBC Radio.

No pubs or restaurants were open then, and the hotel where he was staying with his colleagues didn’t serve food, so if they didn’t get a takeaway, they weren’t eating that evening, he claimed.

“We didn’t break any rules, we were working in the office and we stopped for a takeaway.” Sir Keir answered when asked if he was willing to apologise.

 They hadn’t done anything wrong, he stated.

Sir Keir said he generally travels with a group of six people, and the incident happened at the office of City of Durham MP Mary Foy.

Boris Johnson is safe in his job, according to Cabinet minister Nadhim Zahawi, who was questioned three times about the prime minister’s precarious position.

Despite mounting fury among Conservative MPs and calls for the prime minister’s resignation following repeated claims of rule-breaking parties in No 10 during the then existing Covid restrictions, the education secretary stated, “he’s human, and we make mistakes.”