The Fall Of The Crown: King Charles’ Unavailability

What effect will Prince Harry’s statements have on the British monarchy? The Duke of Sussex, whose explosive biography entitled “Spare” was released today, made strong statements about the royal family in a recent television interview. Everyone has ended up in his sights, from his brother William to the queen consort Camilla up to his father, Charles III. Despite Harry’s media bombs, for now the royals have decided to respond with silence, carrying on as if nothing had happened.

Why Moment Was Difficult?

The problem, however, is that the monarchy is going through a very delicate phase. The moment was already difficult after the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth, now the accusations of the second son of Charles and Diana are added. It only remains to be understood whether the new ruler will be able to handle such a storm. Ippolito explains it in the Corriere della Sera:

Ippolito Explanation

“It’s not simply a family affair: the Crown is the architrave on which the political-constitutional edifice of Great Britain stands, it is the glue that holds together a society riven by Brexit and which it guarantees the cohesion of the United Kingdom in the face of centrifugal forces from Scotland and Northern Ireland. If the cornerstone is undermined, the whole house of cards risks falling apart”.

There is a lot at stake, in short. According to some, the king does not have the necessary charisma to deal with this emergency. Damascelli writes in the Giornale: “A defective fountain pen was enough for him to unmask his nature, I imagine how he must have grinned when reading the memoirs of his second son”.

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