The trends in excess deaths raise serious questions about our public health strategies, why are we not talking about them

Last week, on Tuesday 16th January, I facilitated a 90 minute Westminster Hall debate in the subsidiary chamber of the House of Commons on the important subject of Trends in Excess Deaths. This followed on from my incredibly successful Adjournment Debate on 20th October 2023 which was a half an hour debate in the main chamber on a Friday afternoon which was sparsely attended by colleagues.

In contrast, over 25 MPs attended and participated in my Westminster Hall debate last week. This is an encouraging step in the right direction as speeches were limited to three minutes due to time constraints which is why I have, this week, made representations to the Backbench Business Committee for a full three hour debate in the House of Commons chamber on The Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic and Trends in Excess Deaths. I am hoping that the Committee will find time to allocate a debate to me for this subject which I, and so many colleagues from all four corners of the House, receive communications from constituents on.

The eyes of history are very much upon us. Every generation looks back in wonder at the incredible mistakes our forebears made. How could they not realise how wrong they were? What on earth happened to them? Why did they ignore their heritage, their values and every opportunity to learn from the mistakes of yesteryear? What madness captures men?

In 2022 there were 577,000 deaths and in 2023 581,000 – a huge rise when a significant deficit would have been expected. Moreover, the numbers are higher in middle-aged and younger groups: the 50-64 age group was stricken with 12 per cent more deaths than usual in 2022, 13 per cent in 2023.

One in 800 vaccine doses led to serious adverse consequences. But the products were not pulled. Why? The rotavirus vaccine was entirely withdrawn after causing an adverse event in one in 10,000. The 2009 swine flu vaccine was pulled after one in 35,000 were harmed. Still the covid jabs are being pushed and seriously harming people, inevitably at a rate greater than one in 800, since most people received multiple doses. Why?

All the standard procedures, protocols and science were bypassed to inflict on a healthy population a brand new and untested product never used outside clinical trials, never mind approved, for which there was a) no long term safety data, b) no age stratification for recipients for an illness with an average mortality age of 82, c) no liability under any circumstances for the manufacturers. Yet there were good reasons based on the science known at the time why these products might be harmful.

For two years we have turned society upside down so as not to “kill granny”. Now that mum and dad are dying, it appears that no one cares. This is “Alice in Wonderland” thinking. People in their 50s and 60s would normally, I hope, have many more years of active contribution and deeply fulfilling lives left to live, and they are the people being hit hardest.

A smorgasbord of fanciful excuses has been proffered for the rise in heart attacks. Sir Chris Whitty laughably claimed that it was from a reduction in statin prescriptions, even though prescribing levels were exactly the same, and it would take years or even decades for changes on that issue to take effect and be seen in population mortality data.

I believe that future generations will ridicule us for what we have just done in response to a seasonal airborne virus. We lost our collective minds. We imposed a brand new type of quarantine on a healthy population, in breach of all previous public health advice, in breach of our own carefully drafted, expert pandemic plan, and in flagrant breach of the sensible and experienced advice from many professionals.

The current trends in excess deaths raise serious questions about our public health strategies, institutional integrity, and societal values. I am now leading calls for a thorough examination of these issues, demanding transparency and accountability from all stakeholders involved. The people deserve a real Covid Inquiry which asks the questions which the people want answered, not mudslinging between advisors, politicians and so-called experts. This is of great national importance and I will ensure that those in positions of power are held to account for their actions.

Andrew Bridgen MP

Andrew Bridgen is the Independent MP for North West Leicestershire, and was elected in 2010