The West’s Tragic Loss: Israel and Ukraine

The one who is not always there, but who, out of habit, we continue to call Biden, presented to Congress a hundred billion dollar aid plan for Ukraine and Israel. Like all government projects in the United States, breakdown will be key to understanding the true amount of military spending, civilian aid, and various attention to local needs that put an NGO spin on the demand for deadly weapons from the Pentagon. What is shocking is that the two requests for aid are presented together, when one has its origins in Putin’s savage invasion of Ukraine almost two years ago and the other is an anti-Semitic savage just two weeks ago. And when the first is the return to the Cold War and the limited sovereignty of countries within the military reach of Moscow and the second is the brutal actualization of Muslim anti-Semitism, whose criminal exhibitionism demonstrates to what extent these people feel comfortable on the networks of murderers and rapists. and murderers.

The left always fights back, the right always gives up

When the West, with the United States at its head, feels morally superior to its enemies and responds militarily to an attack, the left, which has been, is and will be anti-West, no matter how much its leaders enjoy their political standard. alive, stay silent and wait. . And in the next attack, they dare to challenge. After September 11, they remained silent in the face of Afghanistan, because of the enormous media coverage of the attack on the Twin Towers and because the left is today above all a gigantic delegitimization machine, with journalists as its agents. and teachers, fundamental values and occasional interests of the West. But in Iraq, everything has changed. While in the first Gulf War everyone participated, in the second, against the same regime, everyone opposed it.

Had Saddam changed? No. The situation has changed and the left saw the opportunity to balance this defeat with a victory against the United States and, more importantly, against its allies, at the time Blair and Aznar. The photo of the Azores is already a common place of inequity, greed and Western desire for war, always genocidal. In reality, the enemy attacked by the West was militaristic, totalitarian and genocidal. Has no importance. With the media at its side, the left dares everything. Faced with a Soviet-style media campaign and with the support of Putin, the right always gives up. If he did it in the face of climate alarmism, gender ideology or historical memory, why not in the face of the massacre of the Jews? And he did it.

From sentimental support for Ukraine to media pogrom against Israel

Biden said, in explaining his request for money from Congress, that both countries, Ukraine and Israel, are under attack by enemies of democracy precisely because they are defenders of freedom. For sure. But we do not explain why, as Trump denounced this Saturday in the article Digital Freedom, Biden negotiated a few months ago with Iran the exchange of hostages for money, not just a ransom, and above all why, as the former North American president explains in detail, Biden has increased his gestures of support for Iran in the export of oil, the financial fuel which allows the Hamas massacres to burn their victims alive Jews. Trump’s article is obviously an election claim, but the data he provides is indisputable. And the best thing Biden can do is return to Trump’s policies regarding Israel. Not so much in other areas.

Of the author

But today’s wars are more publicized than ever. They always have been. Napoleon said that propaganda is “the other nerve of war”. Of course, propaganda is useless when a war is lost, even in dictatorships. But in democracies, which are regimes of public opinion, without losing a single battle, you can lose a war. See Vietnam, which was won in the jungle and which was finally lost on television news. When the American troops leave Saigon, all the journalists accompany them. None of them stayed to see if the peace agreements were respected.

If at the time the media were predominantly left-wing, today they are predominantly left-wing. But their activism is opportunistic and fickle. It was enough for British footballers to start supporting the Ukrainians for all the fields and all the leagues to become anti-Putin trenches. It was also David against Goliath, an invincible story, because Moscow said the war would last fifteen days. But Zelensky understood very well that in the media you could win what you hadn’t won in the trenches and that’s it… For the moment. What has led to the resurrection of NATO today are demands for Ukraine to make whatever peace it may have with its invaders. Putin’s party has become that of peace. He did not win, because the Ukrainian cause is still very popular, but he has greatly improved his positions.

The hoax of 600 deaths at the Gaza hospital

Israel’s cause, on the other hand, is to take revenge on Ukraine, on the basis of background media anti-Semitism, hardened to the barely disguised defense of Islamism, even terrorist, in Western countries. And none like Spain illustrates the alliance of communism and Islam. The government, through Vice President Díaz and Minister Belarra, did not take a minute to condemn Israel, that is, the victims, and to defend the rapists, kidnappers, murderers and baby exterminators. From day one, Israel was guilty of being attacked and wanting to defend itself. Anti-Semitism has never been so openly displayed since Hitler. Spain also does it in the European institutions themselves, it is not for nothing that it is the only EU government with communist ministers and with a president who, beholden to their votes, entrusted them with foreign policy. Sánchez says on the outside everything that his government denies on the inside. And those within rule. And what in Spain was official anti-Semitism, in Europe and the United States is an authentic media pogrom that despises the victims and attacks Israel because it exists. This is the position of Iran, Hamas and eternal Arab irredentism.

The hoax of 600 deaths in a Gaza hospital following an alleged Israeli attack showed that the only reliable source for Western media is Hamas terrorists. Not a check. Everyone took it for granted, and for good reason: Israel is, from the start, guilty. So they lied. And when Israel showed that the attack came from the Islamist side, they clarified: “Israel and Hamas accuse each other.” The difference is that Israel demonstrated it with evidence. RTVE put it in quotation marks: “proof”. For the anti-Semitic left, practically everyone today, Israel lies on principle. And those who murder Jews are always, in principle, right. If, instead of Biden, the one demanding funds for Israel was Trump, the uproar would be monumental. If that was the case when Israel didn’t attack and Biden didn’t ask for money, calculate whether your particular satan is asking for it. Never has the media dictatorship of the “Agenda for Good” been so much in the service of Evil.

Without direction or leadership in the face of the Islamist threat

Beyond the Biden-Trump struggle, what is clear in the West, particularly in Europe, is the absolute lack of leadership in the face of the Islamist threat. All companies repeat the progressive mantras canonized by the media. And in the EU, no state sets a direction. The media, which politicians obey, have gone from “every man for himself” to “we don’t know what’s happening to us”. And what happens is that the left-wing policy, imposed on the media and education, that of multiculturalism, of kindness, of contempt for one’s own country and its traditions, and of financing all those who hate, They make us doubly bankrupt states, in the narco-states of this Eurabia prophesied by Oriana Fallaci. Spain is only the absurdity of this frightening, stupid and suicidal sonnet.

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Beth Malcolm

Beth Malcolm is Scottish based Journalist at Heriot-Watt University studying French and British Sign Language. She is originally from the north west of England but is living in Edinburgh to complete her studies.