Tottenham legend explains why Harry Kane won’t leave Spurs this summer

Harry Kane recently stated that he won’t stay at Tottenham just “for the sake of it” as he wants to win trophies.

Tottenham star Harry Kane won’t leave Spurs this summer because of the lack of “stupid money” in the transfer market. That is according to Chris Waddle, who expects Kane to give it another season in north London and then decide on his future as the coronavirus pandemic has had a major financial impact on the market.

Clubs are expected to opt for loan agreements, swap deals and free transfers instead of splashing the cash at the end of the season and thus no one will be able to meet the star striker’s asking price, which is said to be in the range of £200million.

The England international recently stated that he won’t stay at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium just “for the sake of it” as he aspires to win silverware.

But Waddle believes the 26-year-old won’t move in the summer but will expect to see some improvement in the meantime.

The Tottenham legend told the Racing Post: “It has been an unsettled year but I get the feeling Kane may give it another season at Tottenham and then take a long look at his options.

“It’s a big year now the Euros have been rearranged and it could take 12 months for everything to settle down and for clubs to have a good look at their finances. The stupid money is just not going to be about.

“So Harry could bide his time but he will want to see things improve in the meantime, and then where will Spurs be?

“They will be back to being a club who might finish fourth or might finish seventh and will be seen as one that sells its best players.

“Mourinho tends to stick around for three seasons and move on, but I don’t know what better offer he is going to get than the job he has now.”

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho was recently criticised by Paul Merson, who claimed Kane will leave the club because he can’t play under the Portuguese coach’s methods.

But the ex-Chelsea and Manchester United manager insists he knows exactly how to work with talented centre-forwards as he has proven with the likes of Didier Drogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Diego Milito and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Mourinho recently said: “I can say that I had a few strikers that played for me and they are not bad. I had one guy called Drogba. He played for me [over] four seasons. He scored 186 goals which gives an average of 46 goals per season (sic 187 games, 73 goals).

“I had one guy that is not also bad – he [Ronaldo] plays for Juventus now. He played for me [during] three seasons. He scored 168 goals, which gives an average of 56 goals per season.

“I had another guy who is not also bad called Karim Benzema. He played for me [during] three seasons. He was not always starting because he was quite young at that time. But he scored for me 78 goals in three season which gives a 26-goal average per season.

“I had another one called Milito. He played one season for me [and] he scored 30 goals. He won three titles and of course the average is 30 [per season].

“I had another guy that played for me [over] one and a half seasons. I say one and half because in the other half he had a big injury. A tall guy called Zlatan. He played one and a half seasons. He scored 58 goals which gives a 29-goal average per season.”