Truss: Russian attacks in Ukraine must be investigated as war crimes

LONDON, (Parliament Politics Magazine) – According to UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Russia’s “indiscriminate attacks” on innocent civilians of Ukraine must be investigated as war crimes.

She said there was mounting evidence of “appalling acts” in Bucha and Irpin, and Russia couldn’t be allowed to cover them up with “cynical lies.”

At least 20 dead men, some with their wrists tied, were discovered on the streets of Bucha, according to the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen.

Russia has denied that civilians are being targeted.

Ukraine claims to have retaken the entire region surrounding the country’s capital, Kyiv.

The toll of weeks of fierce warfare has been exposed as Russian troops have retreated from crucial towns.

According to a spokesperson for Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, authorities in Ukraine have discovered what “looks exactly like war crimes,” including the bodies of slain people and mass graves.

They found persons with their hands and legs tied up… and with gunshot, bullet holes in the back of their heads, Sergey Nikiforov told the BBC’s Sunday Morning broadcast.

They were obviously people who were killed. They  discovered half-burned remains, as if someone tried to conceal their crimes but didn’t have enough time.

Ms Truss stated that the United Kingdom will fully assist any International Criminal Court investigations.

“The largest state referral in its history,” she continued, referring to the UK-led attempt to expedite and support an inquiry into war crimes in Ukraine.

They would not rest until the perpetrators of atrocities, including military commanders and members of the Putin government, were brought to account, she stated.

She stated that the international community must continue to provide military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, as well as tighten sanctions.

The activities of the Russian military have also been denounced by other countries. The photographs of victims in the streets of Bucha were described by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken as a blow in the gut.

Further sanctions against Russia have been promised by EU chief Charles Michel. Shocked by haunting photographs of Russian army atrocities in Kyiv freed region #BuchaMassacre, the European Council president wrote in a tweet.

Annalena Baerbock, Germany’s foreign minister, condemned President Putin’s unbridled brutality, saying Russia must pay a price for its “war crimes” in Bucha in the form of harsher sanctions.

Kourtney Spak

Kourtney Spak is an american journalist and political commentator. Her journalism career focuses on American domestic policy and also foreign affairs. She also writes on environment, climate change and economy.