Try a swoop of eye colour for a dramatic look

You can’t argue with the magnificence of a beautifully executed black-winged eye. Except I would argue that its colourful counterpart is equally wonderful. A bit 80s yes, but it can, as per Valentino AW21, be super modern. A little colour tones down the severity of a black liner, adds a fun dimension and is less convoluted than eyeshadow. That said, this look – essentially a line drawn across the top of the eye socket, a winged eye and a light wash of eyeshadow – requires skill. So simplify. Draw a line of colour across your inner and top lid. You’re good to go.

1. Violette FR Yeux Paint in Rose d’Aurore £27,
 Illamasqua Coloring Eye Pencil in Debonair £12.80,
3. Il Makiage Glitter Eyeliner in Iris £19,
 Valentino Beauty Twin Liner Double Ended Eyeliner in Black & Rosso £36,
5. Byredo Eyeliner in Technical Black £31,

I can’t do without… A silky sunscreen that also hydrates your skin

The unpredictability of the English weather means by the time you read this, it could be raining. Or not. Right now, as I write, it is very hot, uncomfortably so, and my fan has broken down. Still, even in hot weather, I find it impossible not to moisturise my body. This is something I have done since childhood and old habits die hard. The problem is this: my body needs moisturising, but it also needs sunscreen. Together, however, they leave me clammy. So in recent days, I’ve felt stuck between a rock and a hard place and so (hides face in hands) I’ve skipped the body sunscreen altogether. On one hand I don’t want to burn; on the other I don’t want to feel like I’m internally combusting under the pore-suffocating weight of the moisturiser/SPF combination. We shouldn’t have to choose. Hence I love this new sunscreen for the body and hands, which doubles up as a very good daily moisturiser. The protection – against burning and premature ageing – is really high (SPF 50), but the texture is wonderfully sheer, so it works well across all skin tones. It is water- and sweat-resistant, deeply hydrating (it contains vitamin E and aloe vera) and feels really cool when applied on skin. Oh, and it doesn’t leave a greasy finish or a weird cast. Needless to say, I am using it every day. Ultra Violette SPF 50+ Extreme Screen Body & Hand Skinscreen, £27

On my radar… Glossy hair, new scents and a light illuminator

Lusher locks Stress, hormones and pollution can lead to thinning tresses. This vitamin, protein and peptide-rich fertiliser for your roots can help achieve fuller hair. Living Proof Scalp Care Revitalising Treatment, £28,

Summer spice This new scent is the third instalment in the Twilly d’Hermès line up. A concoction of peony, cedar and, of course, ginger, it is sunshine and joy in a bottle. Twilly d’Hermès Eau Ginger, £50,

Ready to glow If you don’t fancy foundation in the summer but would rather not go totally bare-faced, a drop of this illuminator in your moisturiser adds a warm glow. Dolce & Gabbana Solar Glow Universal Illuminating Drops, £38,