UK Irks Masses By Planning To Deport Asylum Seekers To Rwanda 

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London (Parliament Politics Magazine – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recently announced that they plan to bring a new range of measures for unauthorized migration and plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. The rise of the illegal asylum seeking issue has become intense, and the UK has to do something about it. Boris Johnson plans to stop the illegal migration to the UK. It also involves a deal with the central African country of Rwanda.

They need to outsource the processing of asylum applications. These measures are unveiled as Boris is accused of distracting the Party gate scandal. The Party gate scandal involves those political figures fined for breaking the Government rules of coronavirus lockdowns.

Deport Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

British Prime Minister Boris is trying to defend a plan against criticism from the right groups. He feels confident that the new Migration Partnership complies with the International legal obligation. However, they expect this can still be challenged in the court.

Other countries cannot look at the UK as a soft touch for illegal migration. They have a strong backup in the form of an army and politically motivated lawyers. Some of them have even frustrated the government with their thwarted removals. However, the debate over UK Rwanda doesn’t seem to end very quickly.

Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta has officially signed up for this outsourcing deal. They feel elevated to work with the UK and deport Asylum Seekers to Rwanda. 

This proposal, however, seems controversial in the eyes of the media. According to them, it will only involve the male asylum seekers and not anyone else. It is evident as Patel has failed to reach a similar outsourcing process for Albania and Ghana. Regarding this matter, the British Government feels embarrassed.

Criticism by the Opposition 

Many parties still criticize the outsourcing deal and don’t understand how it works. The deal with Rwanda will cost 210 million pounds (€144.4 million, $157.6 million). However, the opposition labor party is slamming this plan already.

They believe that this plan will be more expensive than expected. The labor party describes this as an unworkable and unethical move that cannot reap good results. Even the UK taxpayers have to suffer by paying billions of pounds. It will affect their living standard, making it even harder to make fair decisions regarding asylum.

The UK Rwanda asylum seekers may find all this challenging. According to the shadow interior minister, this proposal is made to distract a significant issue in the UK. As Boris Johnson is fined for breaking the law, he tries to distract everyone.

Around 280,000 migrants and refugees have already crossed from Europe and moved to Britain during the last year. Despite the attempts from the Government, this issue doesn’t seem to conclude. The UN Refugee Agency is also not in favor of this deal.

Navy To Take Control Over The Channel

The British Prime Minister has already revealed that he will put the Navy in charge of the supervising operations. They will work hard and set up a reception center for the asylum seekers. The Royal Navy plans to take over the operation commands starting from today. They will start by removing the Border force and aim that no one takes the boat to migrate towards the UK.

The Prime Minister even plans to offer extra funds that will solely work for the boats, aircraft, and surveillance equipment. It will help send a clear message to those who will pilot the ships. If a migrant tries to enter the UK illegally, they may have to risk their own life in prison.

The Human Rights department accuses the government of Rwanda. They are violating the rules that include “arbitrary detention and ill-treatment. There is a lot of torture in detention facilities, whether official or unofficial.  

Many people appreciate Australia’s policy for handling the problem of asylum seekers. Johnson has also revealed that he plans to take Australia’s plan forward. However, it is getting a lot of criticism from the UN and other organizations.

Johnson Reveals It is All About ‘Controlled Migration’

As the UK plans to fly away from the asylum seekers to Rwanda, it is getting a lot of criticism from all corners. However, Boris thinks it is all about ‘Controlled Migration.’ He believes it is very much necessary to get rid of these smugglers. Recently the UK has come up with a 120 million pound deal with Rwanda. 

They will be working together to handle this problem successfully.

Opposition parties and refugee groups believe it is inhumane and will never work in anyone’s favor. Even though it is a controversial move, it will drive all the illegal migrants away. If a person tries illegal asylum-seeking, the Government authorities will handle them. They will be relocated within 6,400 kilometers of Rwanda. It gives a clear indication of what will be consequences for them.

Beth Malcolm

Beth Malcolm is Scottish based Journalist at Heriot-Watt University studying French and British Sign Language. She is originally from the north west of England but is living in Edinburgh to complete her studies.