UK Parliamentarians Join Global Dialogue at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Annual Session

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OSCE (Parliament Politic Magazine) – The delegation of Members of Parliament (MPs) and Peers from various political parties will be actively engaged in the Annual Session of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) Parliamentary Assembly. It will take place from 30th June till 4th July. This significant event is being held in Vancouver, Canada.

While the United Kingdom Delegation is under the esteemed leadership of the Rt Hon Mark Pritchard MP. Mr. Pritchard. In addition to his role as the Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Migration, he serves as a Vice-President of the Assembly. Accompanying him are nine other distinguished delegates from the United Kingdom, representing both Houses of Parliament.

Strengthening Regional Security by Fostering Democratic and Inclusive Societies

The 30th Annual Session of the Assembly will be held under a special theme. It will be “Strengthening Regional Security by Fostering Democratic and Inclusive Societies: The Role of the OSCE PA.” This significant gathering will feature esteemed speakers. It will include representatives from the Canadian parliament and government, alongside high-level officials from the OSCE.

In this momentous event, the focus will be on enhancing regional security through the promotion of democratic and inclusive societies. The OSCE PA’s pivotal role in achieving this objective will be explored and discussed by renowned experts and influential figures.

After several days of committee work, the Annual Session will reach its pinnacle on July 4th with the adoption of the Vancouver Declaration. It will contain a series of recommendations directed toward national governments, parliaments, and the international community.

As the most prominent event on the Assembly’s calendar, the Annual Session will primarily concentrate on the Russian Federation’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Moreover, encompasses its political, security, and humanitarian consequences. Additionally, the meeting will address other crucial matters such as:

  •         Political prisoners in the OSCE area
  •      Migration
  •      Institutional Challenges of the OSCE
  •     Economic Security and COVID-19 Recovery
  •    Good Governance and Combating Corruption
  •     Protecting the Arctic Region
  •     Energy Infrastructure Development
  •     Minority Rights and Vulnerable Groups
  •      The Impact of Technology on Human Rights
  •       Humanitarian Consequences of War
  •     Science Diplomacy for Global Cooperation
  •    Combatting Plastic Pollution
  •  Addressing Human Trafficking


Programs, Reports & Draft Resolutions Available On OSCE PA’s Website

You can find a wide range of programs, reports, and draft resolutions on the official website of the OSCE PA. The United Kingdom Delegation had the privilege of receiving a comprehensive briefing from The Right Honorable the Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon. He holds the esteemed position of Minister of State for the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Moreover, he is taking care of the United Nations at the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

Accompanying Lord Ahmad was Ambassador Neil Holland, the distinguished Head of the UK Delegation to the OSCE. Furthermore, during their time in Vancouver, the Delegation will have the opportunity to meet with the British Consul General. It will further help in strengthening diplomatic ties.

During the session held in Vancouver, the esteemed leader of the UK delegation, the Right Honorable Mark Pritchard MP, expressed his thoughts on the matter. They find themselves at a pivotal moment for the OSCE PA, especially considering Russia’s ongoing illegal and aggressive war against Ukraine. The Assembly must remain steadfast in upholding its founding Helsinki principles, as well as the principles of international rule of law, freedom, and democracy.

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UK Parliamentarians: Active Participants in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Annual Session

The Annual Session will provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to interact with delegates from various regions. Everyone is eagerly anticipating, engaging in discussions on the significant and diverse topics listed on the agenda. All of it will take place during the Standing Committee, Plenary, and Committee sessions. The Ad Hoc Committee on Migration will persist in its efforts to monitor migration within the region.

Alongside UK colleagues, MPs are committed to making their voices heard by actively participating in the Assembly’s activities. This includes contributing to debates in both the plenary and committees, as well as proposing amendments to resolutions.

The Vancouver Declaration, the Assembly’s outcome, will provide ongoing recommendations for the OSCE, national governments, parliaments, and the international community. These principles hold immense significance in our current endeavors to establish a safe and secure environment for all individuals.

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