UK Urges Israel to Hold Accountable Perpetrators of Gaza Aid Convoy Attacks

UK Urges Israel to Hold Accountable Perpetrators of Gaza Aid Convoy Attacks
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London (Parliament News) – Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron called on Israel to hold the perpetrators to account after several incidents

The UK slammed attacks on aid convoys heading to Gaza as “appalling” given the threat of famine in the blockaded enclave. Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron urged Israel to hold the convictors to account after several incidents.

Why did Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron criticize attacks on aid convoys to Gaza?

He tweeted: “Attacks by extremists on aid convoys en route to Gaza are appalling.

“Gazans are at risk of famine and in desperate need of supplies.

“Israel must hold attackers to account and do more to allow aid in – I will be raising my concerns with the Israeli government.”

What recent incident involving aid trucks occurred at the Tarqumiya checkpoint?

Israeli protesters thwarted aid trucks headed for Gaza on Monday, strewing food boxes on the road in the latest in a series of happenings that have come as Israel has pledged to permit uninterrupted humanitarian supplies into the besieged enclave. Four protesters, including a minor, were captured at the protest, at Tarqumiya checkpoint, west of Hebron in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, according to a statement from lawyers representing the protesters.

How did Israeli protesters disrupt the aid trucks headed for Gaza?

Videos spread on social media showed protesters hurling supplies from the trucks onto the ground, with the ranges of opened cartons lying split across the road.

Last week, four people were apprehended in southern Israel after a similar demonstration by Israelis who objected to providing humanitarian supplies into an area controlled by the Islamist movement Hamas, according to their lawyers.

“In light of incidents of disorderly conduct which occurred today, law enforcement has initiated an investigation culminating in the arrest of multiple suspects,” the Israeli police stated in a statement.

“The investigation is actively ongoing.”

Why has Israel faced international pressure regarding the delivery of aid to Gaza?

Israel has encountered heavy international pressure to step up the discharge of aid into Gaza, where international organizations have cautioned of a severe humanitarian crisis threatening a population of more than two million people.

On Sunday, Israeli authorities reported the opening of a new crossing into northern Gaza and a temporary port, built by the US, is close to opening. 

How did Jordan respond to the recent attack on a humanitarian assistance convoy?

Jordan expressed last Tuesday that Israeli settlers attacked a humanitarian assistance convoy on its way to the Erez crossing in northern Gaza and “tampered with its contents” in the second such happening in less than a week.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Sufyan Qudah stated the convoy which goes through the Israeli-occupied West Bank from Jordan later organised to continue on its journey and reach its destination in war-devastated Gaza. “Jordan carries Israel responsible for the attack by extremist settlers … it includes a breach of its legal obligations as an occupying power,” said Mr Qudah.

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