Was the Iraq War Justified On Any Ground?

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London (Parliament Politics Magazine) –The Iraq war was one of the most talked about issues. It started on March 19, 2003, and started with a strike against a location where Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and top lieutenants were supposed to meet. This war created a lot of buzz and media in all parts of the world talked about the reasons and consequences of the war. Was Iraq war justified? Did it lead to a lot of destruction in the world? The world wanted to find out answers to this question. A lot of mixed statements came out after the war ended and people had mixed opinions about the war.

What Was The Cause Of The Iraq War? 

The Iraq war broke out on March 19, 2003. It led to a storm as Iraq went through a lot of destruction. On March 17, President Bush gave the President of Iraq Saddam an ultimatum to leave the country. If he did not do so, he would have to face military conflict. There was some resistance from Saddam but after U.S. troops entered Iraq, the major areas where the Iraqi population resided were brought under U.S. control.

In November 2002, the United Nations Security Council launched Resolution 1441, which gave Iraq a final opportunity to work with the disarmament obligations”. The country had to “face serious consequences.” During January and February 2003, there was a completely new U.S. military buildup. This all was set up in the Persian Gulf and this intensified the situation even more. The President of America Bush, and some other top U.S. officials, repeatedly indicated that Iraq had almost no time left and they will be forced to show offer full cooperation.

Iraq Had Alleged Developed Weapons That Could Cause Destruction 

There was news that Iraq had allegedly developed weapons that could lead to mass destruction. It was also reported that there was a strong link between Saddam Hussein’s government and terrorist organizations. The country was often linked to the big terrorist group al-Qaeda. The war admittedly occurred on all these legal and ambiguous grounds.

The general public thought that the war was very much legal and that if this had not happened Iraq could have caused a lot of destruction. It was ensured that Iraq’s verifiable disarmament was groundless and had no justification. The basic desirability and benefits can be debated and this could have caused a lot of problems in different parts of the world.

Was The Iraq War Justified? 

The war in Iraq was a strategic mistake, and it could have fostered more anti-U.S. terrorism. It could have also left Iraq in a big chaos. This war was a mistake and it also lead to a lot of big consequences for the world and Iraq. But it was an unavoidable situation and could not be avoided.

It is argued that the resort to war leads to meeting up with a lot of conditions. The reasons behind the war were sufficient and it is believed that the war was the last resort. Any failings regarding legitimate authority could not undermine the morality of that resort.

If humanitarian considerations were given a preference, then things could have ended up as a disaster for the world. The President of Iraq Saddam had given a lot of reasons to the US to take serious action. The situation provided a sufficient just cause, and the moves taken by Iraq were against international law. The moral legitimacy of the US-led coalition, and was proved that the intentions of the US, were valid. This war did not impact moral judgments and the only solution was to resort to war.

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The Intention Behind The Iraq War Is Legal And Justified

The intention of the US behind Iraq was is legal and very much justified. Iraq’s connection with the terrorist group could have become a serious threat to the world. The destruction of the world was the only concern of governments of different parts of the world. It was determined that the right intention condition formed the basis of the just war tradition.

The step was taken after considering the dire situation caused by the Iraqi government. Many experts believe that war is not the solution to any problem. However, most agree that the war in Iraq was unavoidable. The country had developed weapons that could have blown the whole world up. If things were left unattended the terrorist groups could also have been more active and could have carried out their activities freely.

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