What Is Band 6 Nurse Salary In The UK? (What To Expect)

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – All the NHS nurses are paid keeping in mind a reliable banding system. Moreover, the amount of pay you get will depend on your experience and age. Nurses have a tough role to play and continue to be one of the most essential workers in a hospital. Every nurse can expect a good amount of salary depending on their experience and their responsibilities. The nurse from each band may have a different role to play. 

Some nurses have to perform duty inside the theaters while others have to take care of health care facilities. The good news is that the nurses have to option to reach a senior band. If you are curious to know how much nurses earn read below.

How Much Can A Band 6 Nurse Earn?

Everyone watches television shows that portray hospital emergency wards beautifully. Even though a person is not in the profession, they can still understand the importance of a nurse. All the nurses work closely with the doctors and they save many lives every day. This is the reason why many nurses feel they need to be paid a little extra.

The nursing salaries in the UK depend on various factors .The pay bands will depend on where you work or how many hours you walk. Moreover, it depends on your age and experience along with your skills. Usually, the salaries are split among bands. Each band has different nurses who have different roles to play. 

The private sector somewhat gives similar salaries to the public hospitals. The newly qualified nurses in the Band 6 can easily earn £27,055 according to the NHS pay scale. However, this number may increase if you are working for a private hospital.

The starting salary of a nurse is somewhat the same in all areas of the UK. Once you get a little experience your pay scale will rise from £33,706 to £40,588. When it comes to the Band 7 nurses they earn between £41,659 and £47,672 a year. Usually, the NHS sector offers many other benefits for nurses. You can get regular increments depending on your hard and experience.

Do Band 6 Nurses Get Paid For Working Overtime?

The NHS offers a good starting salary to the Band 5 nurses. They can expect to earn £21,600. The role of a Band 5 nurse is like an ‘adult nurse’ or midwife. At Band 6 the salary range goes up from£26,041 to £34,876. The employees in the Band 6 category include school nurses and senior paramedics.

The nurses in the UK can feel lucky as they can get NHS pay for the ‘unsocial hours’. It is a payment that is given if you are working overtime. This normally includes working overtime on weekend or night duty. When you are working in inner London you can get a 20% rise while in outer London you get only 5% on the fringe. However, these are the minimum and maximum of these loadings.

Please note, if you talk with an expert they will give you a good idea about how the salary is distributed. Are you planning to become a nurse? Feel assured that the NHS Staff will work with you at every step. They can help you have a good position and great salary along with many benefits. If you are planning to move to London or look for a nursing job there are many good options available.

How to Become a Band 6 Nurse?

If you want to become a band 6 nurse taking the most common route will be a good idea. You can move into Band 6 by becoming a senior staff nurse first. It takes around 18 months to move from Band 5 to Band 6. The transition may not look easy at first but it is worth the try. All you need is to become more capable of taking on senior duties. 

It is necessary to complete all the courses first. The courses may require you to study heart attacks and strokes. These courses are not going to be free but you can pay an economical fee. You can look for other job titles in Band 6 that includes Deputy Ward Manager and Nurse Practitioner. The position also involves Senior Community Nurses and Health visitors.

How Do You Know That You Are Ready To Become Band 6 Nurse?

If you are ready to take on the role and responsibilities of Band 6 nurses, moving towards it will be a good idea. You are likely to meet many nurses who have already made a transition from Band 5 to 6. Make sure that you need to be qualified for two years or more before becoming the Band 6 nurse. The newly qualified nurses cannot take up this position. You need to prepare yourself for a job interview before getting into this field. Nurses play an important role when it comes to treating patients.  

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What Is The Highest Salary of Band 6 Nurse?

Band 6 nurses with over two years of experience can earn £33,706 a year. Given the experience and skill, you can easily make a transition to the next level. The Band 6 nurses with five-year experience or more can earn £35,572 a year. With a little more experience they can start earning a lot more.

If we talk about the NHS salary for Band 6 it will be £33,706 a year. However, this is £2,808.83 each month without any deductions. The person on this much NHS pay scale will pay around £211.30 a month of National Insurance. While they pay £275.27 a month of pension along with 297.20 a month in Tax.

The London Weighting for a nurse will be 20% of the basic salary. However, the basic minimum of £4,888 and a maximum £7,377 payment will be given to the nurses. In outer London, the weighting allowance will be 15% of the basic salary. It involves a minimum of £4,108 to a maximum payment of £5,177.

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