What Is Brazil Famous For (Top Things To Experience)

Brazil (Parliament Politics Magazine) – When people think of Brazil the first thing that comes to their mind is the Amazon rainforest. You can explore the incredible beaches of Rio de Janeiro. While you can enjoy the vibrant culture and rich history. There is a lot to discover in this incredible country. Brazil is well-known for having the best footballers which include Pelé and Neymar. If this isn’t enough there are many man-made and natural landmarks here. You will not be surprised to know that Brazil is famous for the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. The Lencois Maranhenses National Park is another interesting place to visit.

Top Things To Experience In Brazil

Brazil is famous for its visually appealing beaches. You can dwell in the history and culture by visiting all the major cities. If you are planning to visit Brazil here are some things you need to experience:

1. Food

Brazil is famous for having the most delicious foods in the world. Whether you want to eat steak or fresh seafood, there is something for everyone. You can enjoy mouthwatering desserts and plenty of drinks to quench your thirst. The trip to this country remains incomplete without trying the national cocktail caipirinha. If you are a fan of beef Picanha is something that you cannot afford to miss. It is one of the most common dishes in many Brazilian restaurants. The beef is often served with rice, beans, and toasted manioc flour.

2. Brazilian Coffee

Brazil happens to be one of the largest producers of coffee globally. They are currently producing 3 million tons of coffee every year. This amount is 30% more than any other country currently. There are no surprises why this country is the biggest exporter of coffee. Apart from that coffee is an essential part of Brazilian culture. It is served daily and without it, the day of Brazilians remains incomplete.

3. Favela

Brazil is popular for its rich culture and history. There are plenty of towns and slums which you will like to explore. Many top Brazilian cities especially Rio de Janeiro are full of Favela. However, these Favelas are associated with crime and violence. Many hard-working people have a home here and try to keep a good standard of life. At least 5% of the population resides in Favela. When you travel to this country you will see many Favelas in all the big cities.

4. Carnival

Carnival happens to be one of the most prominent celebrations in Brazil. It is one of the biggest events that take place every year. During the festive season, you can enjoy street parties and parades. If this isn’t enough you can enjoy good music and delicious food items. Make sure you check the schedule of this event and purchase your tickets in advance. Usually, this carnival is crowded and you have to book accommodation too.

5. Beaches

Brazil is surrounded by a huge coastline that is around 7,491 km of beaches. You can witness some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Every year millions of tourists go to this country and enjoy the sun and waves. You can walk along the sandy beaches and enjoy a good time with your family. Travelers can find the most beautiful beaches from North to South. One of the most popular beaches includes Buzios, Florianopolis, and PIPA. Rio has a good amount of beaches that include Copacabana and Ipanema.

6. Football

Brazil is very famous for football. This sport was introduced to this country by Charles Miller. He is a British exporter since 1894.  It is considered one of the national sports. The best part is that almost everyone likes to play or watch matches on TV. Brazilians are known to be passionate about this game and they like to support their National Team. The Brazilian team has won the football world cup five times. They are one of the only teams who have participated in all the games.
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7. Samba Dance

Samba Dance has gained a lot of prominences all over the world. However, this dance was first introduced in Bahia, Brazil. Simba is all about fast rhythm and sensual movements. Nowadays Simba has become one of the most popular dances in many carnivals. It has become the most important dance at many parties, balls, and other events. Being a traveler you may be tempted to learn this dance form. You have the option to get enrolled in one of the dance schools and fulfill your wish.

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