What Is Norway Famous For ( 8 Things To Experience)

Norway (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Norway is one of the top tourist spots all over the globe. It is popularly known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. This place is famous for fjords, lakes, and magnificent skies. Moreover, Norway is famous for its languages, Vikings, and folklore. Residents feel lucky as they can get an eco-friendly environment that feels safe. The production of oil is seeing significant growth that has improved the economy in many ways. The inhabitants of Norway are fond of eating pizza and love to drive Tesla.

Things Norway Is Famous For

If you plan to visit Norway it is one of the best decisions of your life. There are plenty of things to explore. It boasts of natural beauty and has a lot of charm that is difficult to ignore. You can enjoy delicious food as there are plenty of restaurants to explore. Here is what Norway is famous for:

1. Sognefjorden

Norway is famous for having plenty of fjords. However, Sognefjorden happens to be one of the most prominent in the world. It is deep and located in the heart of Norway. It is spread over 205 km in length and is 1308 meters deep. The best thing is that Sognefjorden extends to the most popular hiking destinations in Norway. This includes the National Parks of Jotunheimen and Breheimen. You have the option to visit this spot no matter what the season. Couples can enjoy long walks together in the summer.

2. Laerdal Tunnel

Laerdal Tunnel happens to be one of the top attractions in Norway. It is one of the longest road tunnels in the world. You will be surprised to know that it links Oslo and Bergen. If you are planning to have a road trip in Norway taking this route will be the best idea. The Laerdal tunnel stretches over 24.5 km and features plenty of rock chambers.

3. Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway and you can explore this beautiful city. It is an eco-friendly location where you can enjoy plenty of activities. This place is popular for its visually appealing architecture and a wide range of museums. There is a blend of modern and traditional touches in Oslo that is hard to ignore. This is where most of the Norwegian Royal family members reside.

4. Trolltunga

Trolltunga happens to be one of the most sought-after destinations. You can enjoy hiking at this location which is located 150km southeast of Bergen. It is a long and sharp cliff that is surrounded by Ringedalsvatnet Lake. This place is very unique where travelers can enjoy hiking and other activities. Tourists usually flock to this spot and stay here till earning morning.

5. Salmon

People in Norway love to eat a lot of salmon as it makes them feel happy. You will be surprised to know that the Salmon industry is worth $5.3 billion. Traditionally salmon is either smoked or grilled which enhances the taste like no other. Travelers will enjoy pan-fried salmon that is served with potatoes and a creamy sauce. Norway is responsible for exporting salmon to Japan.

6. Northern Lights

Northern Lights are one of the top destinations in Norway. Travelers can enjoy watching them from September to March on the skies. Norway glows green due to these magical lights and this scene is not to be missed. These lights are seen in many different parts of Norway. It may be challenging for you to decide where to go. Luckily an app will let you discover the right place to catch up with these lights frequently. You can experience the best sight of these lights in the Alta region.

7. The Midnight Sun

Norway is popular for having visually appealing and incredible skies during spring and summer. People don’t get to see the sunrise for many months altogether. However, the opposite happens during the last half of the year. In Oslo, the day of summer exceeds 12 hours and 56 minutes as compared to the winter solstice. Travelers can enjoy the Midnight Sun by visiting Norway during these specific months.

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8. Arctic Animals

You will be surprised to know that nearly 3,000 people in Svalbard share their homes with wildlife creatures. If you like to watch polar bears it is best to visit Svalbard. However, it is not located on the mainland and you have to travel to this area specifically. Many types of friendly species include Artic foxes, reindeer, and seals. You can also enjoy whale hunting during your stay in Norway.

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