What Is Sweden Famous For (10 Things To Experience)

 Sweden (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Sweden is a beautiful country that boasts abundant forests and scenic views of lakes. The winter season is severe and you can enjoy playing in the snow. However, Sweden is quite popular for pop music, great design, and other interesting places. If you are planning to take a tour to Sweden you can dwell in the innovative culture, lifestyle, and peaceful atmosphere.

10 Things To Experience In Sweden

If you are planning a trip to Sweden, get your happy socks on. Let’s jump into what this country has to offer:

1. Stockholm

Stockholm is made up of around 30,000 islands that include the archipelago. Surprisingly, 200 of these islands are populated heavily. As the country is closer to the sea you can find a quick way for wandering in Stockholm. When it is summer you can travel by ferry and get the best of everything. If you want to get a good cultural experience it is best to visit the island of Djurgården.

2. National Day

Sweden has become the most famous for flying flags on the 6th of June. It happens to be National Day and reflects the true history. In 1523 the Swede Gustav Vasa defeated the Danish King, Kristian II of Denmark. As Swedes accessed the Swedish throne it was called for a celebration.

3. Forests

You can explore the forests in Sweden as every year 340 million trees are planted in them. The best thing is that this country boasts an eco-friendly environment. If you and your family want to explore nature this is the best place to be. These unique forests have various species of wildlife that you will love to explore. Swedish people are in love with nature.

4. Meatballs

Meatballs are a signature dish of Sweden. You can try delicious meatballs that are served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. The umbrella term for popular Swedish food is Husmanskost. Travelers can enjoy eating potato pancakes. If you are tired and feeling hungry having a bite of delicious sandwiches, dairy, meat or fish will be a good idea. Lunchtime starts as early as 9 am and it can be a problem for tourists.

5. Pop Music

Sweden is popular for being the kingdom of Pop Music. You will be surprised to know that almost 23 number-one songs on the Billboard charts are written by famous Swedish songwriters. The famous producer Max Martin continues to write interesting lyrics for music lovers. Many popular stars including Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, and The Backstreet Boys have hit songs because of them.

6. Lakes

Sweden features plenty of beautiful lakes known as Vänern, Vättern, and Mälaren. Vanern is one of the largest lakes in the European Union and spreads over 5519.1 kilometers. It is located in the West-Sweden and has freshwater inside. You will like to take a look at the scenic views while you can swim in the clean water frequently. Moreover, you can enjoy other interesting activities like paddle-board or sailing on a wide surface.

7. Värmländ

If we talk about Värmländ, it is famous for having plenty of moose and hiking trails. It has a close border with Norway and is easy to access by train or car. There are around 400,000 moose who are living in the forests of Sweden. You can find the rarest moose in the northern side of Europe. Karlstad is one of the largest cities in Värmländ. This is why the sun is always shining there.

8. Swedish Design

Swedish is famous for its Scandinavian style. It has been popular for many years now. Everyone likes to have a minimalistic and simple approach no matter what. There is no doubt Swedish style is not to be missed. These designs are light and feature clean lines along with free space. One of the major Scandinavian styles is Ikea.

9. Recycling Approach

Sweden has become a true example of combating global warming. They have successfully reached zero-level waste. If this isn’t enough they are popular for importing rubbish from other European countries. The major aim of their Government is to step up from recycling and reuse. There are plenty of recycling stations in the country. Moreover, people bring the leftover medicines to the pharmacists.

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10. Staycationers

Sweden has become the ultimate country that offers Staycationers. Usually, in the summertime people like to stay away from home. Swedish people enjoy five weeks of paid holidays and this happens to be the longest one in Europe. The idea here is to enjoy blissful moments with family or friends.

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