What Is The Most Corrupt Country In Eastern Europe?

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Moreover, the life of most Ukrainians is at stake due to the high level of corruption in the country. Many hospitals are infected and there is no way to clean the country up. The National Cancer Institute of Ukraine has three smoke-grey and six-story blocks. It is located in the residential district at the edge of Kyiv. When it comes to the external walls they are tiled beautifully but occasional scars have deteriorated the quality of the bricks. Surprisingly, no maintenance has been done in this entire area since 1968. However, the business at this institute seems to be rising without fail.

Ukrainian Women & Men Follow Unhealthy Diet

Half of Ukraine follows a very unhealthy diet. Many men and women smoke and eat a lot of animal fat. As their national drink is Vodka people are fond of having alcoholic drinks every day. The radiation that comes from the Chornobyl disaster is spreading thyroid cancers. When it comes to the generation of the 1980s, they are affected the most due to these changes. Even though a few families have appointed some good doctors they still fail to detect health problems. The survival rate for cancer is among the worst ones as compared to other European countries.

Professor Igor Shchepotin who is an exceptional surgeon predicted the right diagnosis for cancer. It seems that the number of cancer patients in Ukraine is likely to increase in the coming years. The health ministry doesn’t like to pay attention to the quality of medicines and other equipment. When it comes to medical institutions they should work harder and serve people.

Health Facilities Are Scarce

The Cancer Institute in Ukraine doesn’t have any modern ideas to treat patients. Many doctors fail to detect various types of cancers at the right time. All the surgeons in white coats fail to treat the patients. Moreover, they walk into the operating theaters with a non-serious attitude. Patients have to keep waiting in long lines and wait for the doctor to reach out to them.

Due to corruption in most sectors, it has become hard to keep things under control. It seems that Government bodies are infected by corruption in many ways. Despite the widespread anger from the public, no changes are made for a decade. No one is willing to bring any changes to the system. There is no way money will reach the right places like intensive care units. The enthusiasm for taking bribes is increasing every other day. Many doctors are left with no choice but to accept briberies.

Ukraine Is One Of The Most Corrupt Countries in Eastern Europe

Kyiv features opera houses, cathedrals, and chain stores. They have swept the entire city and have everything that makes it look like modern Europe. However, all these developments are restricted to the main city. When you notice other parts of Ukraine they lag behind every other country.

Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index has released a list of corrupt countries. According to them Ukraine ranks142 in the world. They feature this list alongside Uganda. While Nigeria falls behind it.

Most Ukrainians fail to have a good living standard while the political activities are stagnant too. Only a handful of oligarchs have become a billionaire due to unfair means. It is only giving rise to public fury and making things even worse than before. In 2004 a lot of protests from the general public disrupted activities in the country. Yushchenko has failed to bring any changes among people even during five years of his power. It seems that corruption will only multiply and come back in severe forms.

Corruption In The Health Care System

Patients are afraid as they don’t get good treatment on time. Doctors are only interested in earning a good amount of bribery instead of treating patients. Many employees in hospitals are found guilty but no one can put an end to their activities. The power structure of the corrupt is bringing a huge fall to the health care system.

The relatives of patients try and convince the doctor and get attention. When it comes to the equipment many of them are not up to the mark. Old women clean the floor of hospitals and disinfect each area. However, all this leads to bad smells in your clothes even when you leave the hospital. Even though the heads of the hospital look fine but behind the curtains they are different.

Beth Malcolm

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