What Is Whitby Famous For (8 Things To Experience)

Whitby (Parliament Politics Magazine) –  Many people don’t know much about Whitby as it is a very small town. It is located on the Yorkshire coast. You will be surprised to know that the fish industry in Whitby is quite popular. This is why you will find great chips and fish here. Being a traveler you can enjoy listening to the stories of fishermen. While amateur historians are mainly associated with many industries. Recently Whitby has become a favorite spot of many travelers. They like to visit this place frequently and enjoy plenty of activities.

Top 10 Things To Experience

Whitby is turning out to be an interesting spot for many visitors. If you are planning to visit the small seaside town in Yorkshire, here are some important things to experience:

1. Fishing Industry

The fishing industry in Whitby is growing rapidly. It is one of the oldest countries and thrives the competition well. Fishermen are experienced and their boats are mentioned in the historical archives. Since the 1500s the fishing communities have been very strong. This country had a large population since ancient times. Most people were working in the fishing industry. Over the years this industry has become a source of income for the entire population.

2. Fish & Chips

Whitby is located at the stunning harbor and features the famous Magpie Café. You can get fresh seafood delivery directly from the boat. The best thing is that you will get your delicious delivery within 24 hours. Being a traveler you can enjoy a delicious meal. One of the most famous food chains includes Mr. Chips, Silver Street Fisheries, Trenchers, and Quayside.

3. Restaurants

Are you a seafood lover and will like to have delicious chips and fish on your table? You can enjoy seafood in Whitby without putting in much effort. Nearly every restaurant offers fish and chips that are mouthwatering and made will delicious recipes. The traditional coastal food will satisfy your taste buds like never before. You will be blessed to taste all the famous flavors of Italian, Thai, British, and other parts of the globe.

4. Pubs

Your visit to Whitby will remain incomplete without visiting the traditional pubs. These pubs are selected by sports fans, sailors, and other generations. Whether you want to go to a dog-friendly club or anywhere else there are plenty of options to choose from. From traditional to modern sports bars, you can visit them all. If you enjoy drinking you cannot miss out on these exciting pubs.

5. Whaling

Whitby is quite popular for its highly successful whaling industry. There is an exciting story behind the Whaling Company as they left for an expedition to Greenland. A bunch of amateur local fishermen left for this expedition with a lot of goodwill. Surprisingly saw great success and by 1833 the industry reached its peak. There are around 55 whaling ships that are working exclusively at the harbor. During this time Whitby brought home a large number of seas, bears, and whales.

6. Whitby Jet

Whitby Jet is a precious stone that is exclusively designed and manufactured in the country. It started developing in the Victorian age and still going strong. Jewelry makers are quite popular in the town as they are crafting a wide range of pieces. Whitby Jet is located seven miles away from the North Yorkshire coastline. It is one of the most popular stones that are available in the UK.

7.199 Steps

The 199 steps are popularly known as the Church stair. It starts from the Old Town and moves up to St. Mary’s Churchyard. The first record of 199 steps was published in 1340 and still going strong. It took a long time to develop these stairs. These steps are made with both wood and stone. This is one of the reasons they are standing strong for hundreds of years. In 1774 these steps were replaced by the Sneaton Stone. Next time you go there don’t forget to count the number of steps.

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8. Whitby Abbey

Travelers can catch up with alluring views of Whitby Abbey. It is located at the top of East Cliff and has soon become the iconic landscape. Many photographers love to take pictures of these spots and save them in their collections. The founding of this building was to pay tribute and thanksgiving to God by King Oswui of Northumbria. As they defeated the Penda, the pagan King of Mercia it was, calls for celebration.

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