Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Services For A Good Career

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Consumer services are one of the most prominent and multi-hundred billion dollar industries. It consists of 45,000 single and multi-location establishments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it employs over 2.9 million workers. Usually, the jobs offered in this field are consumer-facing roles. If you plan to work in this industry, make sure you have the right skills.

You need to have good communication skills. While multi-tasking has to be perfect as well. Moreover, you may have to work independently or within team settings. Consumer services consist of a wide range of industries that include travel, food, and dinning. It also covers retail businesses and much more. If you have got the skills, working in this industry will be beneficial.

Highly Paid Jobs In The Consumer Services

The consumer services sector offers plenty of job opportunities for people. If you have got experience and services to share, taking up a position in this field will be good. It is difficult to get a job in consumer services as the competition is intense. However, if you have got the right skills there are many suitable job options to choose from. Here are best-paying jobs in consumer services:

1. Retail Customer Support

In a retail customer support position you will help your customers when they are shopping for products. If they need any help you should be the first one to guide them. You may work at the customer service desk where you have to answer questions from people. Sometimes a customer has to exchange a product and you can let them know about the processes.

The customer support staff can work in other parts of the store. If you can help the customer browse a product they will feel good. If you want to work remotely, it will be easy to answer their questions through the phone or live chat. The average salary in this position will be $30,060. Usually, the retail customer support person has to remain at the front desk.

2. Medical Receptionist

Medical receptionists have to take care of many duties. They have to schedule the appointment of patients while answering many calls. It also involves welcoming and assisting all the patients. You can prepare proper paperwork and process the bills or cost of treatment. Apart from that you have to take care of many activities at a hospital or healthcare facility. Many receptionists perform their duty remotely. While virtual receptions can offer their services by answering calls or looking for appointments. If you want to take up this job make sure you either have a diploma or Bachelor’s degree. The average salary of a medical receptionist is $33,670.

4. Bank Teller

Bank tellers play an important role in assisting clients while they make transactions. Whether it is the withdrawal, deposit, or transfer, they can guide the customer. You will need to solve the queries of the client whether are on the phone or physically present. It can be challenging to record all the financial transaction history. 

Many bank tellers work in financial institutions while there is an increased demand in the virtual world too. Virtual bank tellers can assist the client remotely or through interactive teller machines. As a result, they have to rely on video technology. The average salary of a bank teller is $34,930. If you have a high school diploma it is easy to get this job.

5. Client services coordinator

The client services coordinator has to arrange communication between businesses and clients. They have a wide range of duties to deal with. It includes answering calls and replying to various emails. This duty also involves dealing with teleconferences. While they have to maintain the account records of various clients.

 If a client has a complaint to share the client services coordinator will be the first one to offer help. Whether you work remotely or in person will be your choice. The salary is quite good no matter what position you are taking. Being a client services coordinator you can earn $43,430. Even if you don’t have customer service experience, you can get this job,

6. Flight Attendants

The flight attendants have to spend a lot of time on their flights. They have to greet the passengers as they arrive on the plane. It is not surprising that the safety of passengers relies on them fully. Whether it is serving refreshments, snacks, or another form of assistance, they do it all. The flight attendant has to make sure that every passenger is safe while they are traveling. You need to have strong communication skills to take up this role. If you get impatient it may not be the right job. During the flight, you need to be patient and get ready for any emergency. The average salary of a flight attendant is $62,280.

7. Technical Support Representative

The technical support representative helps clients with their computers and other technological issues. These services are offered via live chat or email. The customer may ask you about troubleshooting or hardware problems. You must have the skill and knowledge while dealing with these things. Whether it is connectivity or technical issues, you have to fix them. Your work schedule will depend on the kind of company you are working with. If you plan to work as a technical support representative make sure you are perfect with computers. Make sure you have strong communication skills to satisfy customers.

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8. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives have to answer questions and assist their clients. Usually, this is done over the phone, email, or live chat. Your role will depend on what kind of company you are working for. You may have to attend calls many times a day as people will discuss their problems. Taking care of the client’s complaints is one of the biggest roles here. Whether they ask about opening an account or recommending products, get ready to do it all. The growing demand for workers in this field is giving a lot of opportunities to the younger generation. You can expect an annual salary of $39,070 in this position.

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