Billie Eilish Just Switched Up Her Iconic Green and Black Hair

For the past week, Billie Eilish fans have been sharing a conspiracy theory on TikTok: that the singer had dyed her hair a new color, and her iconic green and black dye job seen at the Grammys just this past weekend was in fact a well-placed wig. And it seems like they might have actually been right about this rumor, because today, Eilish took to Instagram to show off her new, drastically different hair color.

Saying goodbye to her famous neon-green roots with black ends, Eilish displayed her new bright platinum locks. (Even her style got a little update, too, thanks to shaggy bangs and wavy layers.) Now, Eilish is no stranger to experimenting with color and bleach: She’s played around with blue, gray, and silver tones before. But this coloring marks a brand new beauty era—and it looks good on her. The color refresh could be marking a new video or project that, as she also shared a video with the hair from some sort of set, complete with a ’60s-style cardigan (another new look for her). What’s it for? We’ll just have to wait and find out.