Blaze in East London Causes Severe Damage to Homes: Bow Area Affected

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London (Parliament Politic Magazine) – Big fire in East London. Houses got really broken because of the fire. The fire started in a building with flats and a business center on Fairfield Road, Bow. This happened at 6:04 PM on Friday. Firefighters worked hard for almost three hours to stop the fire. The fire was so strong that it ruined the flats on the fifth and sixth floors of the building. The London Fire Brigade (LFB) said they got 15 people out of the building. Luckily, nobody got hurt. 

Resident’s Shock as Smoke Engulfs Building

Someone living there said that the fire alarm didn’t make a sound while the fire was happening. But we’re not sure if this is true or not.

This person, Drew, said, “The flats on the top are two floors. I saw people through their windows when the fire was happening. The fire alarm wasn’t ringing, and they had no idea about the fire.”

Drew added, “I first called the fire service. Then I ran downstairs to make sure everyone left the building. I told the fire warden that the flats on the top were not empty. The fire was clearly coming from the roof, not the flats.”

“I ran back upstairs, got my bag, and then ran down the hallway, knocking on doors nd shouting ‘fire’.” When the fire was very big, 123 calls were made to the firefighters. They were told about the fire.

Firefighters from Multiple Stations Respond to Blaze

Fifteen fire trucks and 100 firefighters went to the place where the fire was. The smoke from the fire was thick and black. Firefighters came and saw this smoke. People who lived there couldn’t go back to their homes until Sunday. They were told this because of the fire.

The firefighters used two really tall ladders, each 32 meters long (104 feet), to spray water from above and control the fire. This was mentioned in a statement from the fire brigade.

Firefighters from many places like Bethnal Green, Whitechapel, Homerton, Shadwell, Islington, Plaistow, Shoreditch, Lewisham, and nearby fire stations all came to help. The fire brigade is now trying to find out what started the fire. They’re investigating to figure out the cause.

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Investigation Launched into Fire’s Cause

The LFB shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) that nobody got hurt in the fire. But, many homes on the top of the building got really broken. The LFB said in a message that a big part of the building’s roof and about half of the flats on the fifth and sixth floors got damaged.

A person who speaks for the brigade said that even on Saturday, one fire truck was still there. The firefighters checked all night to make sure there were no more dangerous spots where the fire could start again.

On Friday evening, a massive fire started in East London, sending thick black smoke up into the sky. About 100 firefighters worked hard to put out the fire at a building in Fairfield Road, Bow. This building had a business center and flats in it.

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) said the fire was really easy to see because of the big flames and smoke. They also said that most of the roof of the six-story building was on fire. We don’t know what caused the fire yet, and thankfully, no one got hurt.

Lots of people gathered near the building to watch. When 15 fire trucks showed up, they tried to control the fire. Around 9 PM, the LFB said they had managed to get the fire under control.

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan police said, “At around 6:00 PM on Friday, August 25th, people called the police to tell them about a fire in flats on Fairfield Road, E3.”

“The firefighters are there, working to stop the fire. Luckily, nobody got hurt. The area around the fire is closed off, and roads are blocked.”

A person who lived in the building that had the fire said, “I was going to fill the bathtub with water. When I came back downstairs and looked out of the window, I saw a lot of smoke. Then I realized, ‘Oh no, our building is on fire!'”

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