Cadbury unveils brand new food item – and it’s on the supermarket shelves right now

Cadbury has launched various different new items in recent weeks including new Easter eggs and a new chocolate bar. The most recent addition to the brand is the Dairy Milk Brownie Bites.

Easter eggs have already started hitting the shelves with still a couple of months to go.

With Cadbury being one of the most popular choices for Britons, the chocolate brand recently launched a giant Mini Eggs Easter Egg.

The hollow chocolate egg has mini egg pieces running through the shell.

It retails for £12 for 507g and also includes one bag of Mini Eggs.

Fans went wild for the item, with many already snapping up the product from supermarkets like Tesco.

Along with the egg, Cadbury also launched a Mini Eggs chocolate bar which first appeared in B&M last year.

However fans recently noticed it in major retailers like Asda and Tesco for just £1.

The Mini Eggs Easter Egg is also joined by the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons Easter Egg, priced at £10.

It’s sold in Tesco and features a milk chocolate egg infused with Orange oil as well as coming with a bag of giant Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons.

The latest addition to the nation’s favourite chocolate brand is their delicious looking brownies.

Cadbury has never launched brownies before and these form part of Cadbury’s Minibite range which includes Cadbury Caramel Flapjack bites, Cadbury Cornflake Cluster bites and Cadbury Milk Chocolate Cookies.

What’s more, they’re available for customers to pick up right now.

They retail at £1.80 in Tesco and £2 in Asda.

Alternatively, shoppers can pick two boxes up for £3 in both supermarkets.

Peter Duncan, European Licensing Director at CSM Bakery Solutions said: “We’re thrilled to have launched Cadbury Dairy Milk Brownie Bites this year.

Theyre available both online and in-store.

“We know how much joy chocolate can bring and these snacks definitely do not disappoint!

“The fudgy brownie and smooth chocolate is a match made in heaven and a great addition to our minibite range. We can’t wait to hear what Cadbury fans think!”

Taking to Twitter to share their excitement, chocolate fans raved about the new addition to the brand.

One person said: “My essential shopping list today consists of four giant chocolate chip Cadbury cookies as well as the chocolate fudge brownies.”