Call for UK Prime Minister to Investigate Allegations Against Conservative Member Accused of Rape

Call for UK Prime Minister to Investigate Allegations Against Conservative Member Accused of Rape

UK (Parliament Politic Magazine) ā€“ The German news agency has reported that there is a call for UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to initiate an inquiry into allegations that the Conservative Party mishandled accusations of rape involving one of its Members of Parliament. This call follows revelations that Sir Jake Berry, a former chairman of the Conservative Party, informed the police of an internal “failure” to address rape allegations, which allegedly permitted an unnamed parliament member to persist in their misconduct.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Urged to Investigate

The Mail On Sunday (MoS) has obtained a copy of a letter, in which Sir Jake Berry informed the police that he became aware of the alleged assaults when he discovered that the Conservative Party had paid for the treatment of one of the purported victims at a private hospital.

Wendy Chamberlain, the chief whip of the Liberal Democrats, expressed her deep concern, stating to the Daily Mail, “These reports are deeply disturbing. No one should be exempt from the law or consequences for serious crimes such as those described. Therefore, it is imperative for the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Conservative Party to launch an investigation into this matter.”

Anneliese Dodds, the Chairwoman of the Labour Party, expressed her deep concern over these allegations, describing them as extremely serious. She emphasized the crucial need for a thorough investigation by the Conservative Party.

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, a former Tory chairman, mentioned that he was unaware of these allegations and did not possess information about the identity of the alleged wrongdoer. He stated during an interview with the British broadcaster BBC on Sunday, “I do not see any evidence of a cover-up in any way.” However, Sunak’s deputy later acknowledged that they could not rule out the possibility that the party had covered the expenses for the treatment of an alleged victim.

The Deputy Prime Minister Talks to Media

According to Sir Jake’s letter, which has been reviewed by the MoS, it appears that an unnamed Member of Parliament may have been involved in assaulting as many as five individuals with minimal or no repercussions. The letter does not disclose the identity of this MP, and it suggests that they were able to retain their parliamentary role even after the alleged rapes and assaults took place.

The Deputy Prime Minister told Times Radio: ā€œIā€™m not denying that it could be the case that those payments were made, but it is not something that I authorised or (was) part of as chairman of the Conservative Party.ā€

Sir Jake served as the party chairman during Liz Truss’s short tenure as the Tory leader and Prime Minister last year. The letter, reportedly written shortly after Sir Jake left his chairman’s position in October 2022, is currently under scrutiny. The PA news agency has contacted his office for a comment regarding the matter. There is a call for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to initiate an investigation into allegations that the Conservative Party mishandled accusations of rape against one of its Members of Parliament.

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Mail on Sunday Publishes the Letter

The Mail On Sunday (MoS) has published excerpts from the letter, which was purportedly co-signed by Sir Jake and former chief whip Wendy Morton. This letter was apparently sent to the police and indicated that they became aware of a series of allegations against an MP, referred to as “X,” when they assumed their new roles within the party.

An excerpt from the letter explicitly states, “There may have been five victims of X, who have been subject to a range of offenses, including multiple rapes.” The letter goes on to emphasize that the “failure of others to act has enabled X to continue to offend,” and it suggests that the claims of rape and assault had been ongoing for more than two years.

Veteran Conservative Member of Parliament and former Brexit Secretary, David Davis, conveyed to broadcaster GB News that any alleged cover-up of rape claims would constitute a “criminal offense in its own right” and should be a matter for the police to investigate.

The Conservative Party has chosen not to provide a comment on the matter. Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, speaking to broadcasters, acknowledged the gravity of the allegations, describing them as “very serious,” and emphasized that the party was taking them with the utmost seriousne

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