Research Reveals High Toxicity of Heated Vape Chemicals

London (Parliament News) – Research indicates that heated vape chemicals can pose significant health risks, generating numerous toxic compounds. AI simulations predict hundreds of hazardous substances, raising concerns about public health and prompting calls for stricter regulations. Chemicals utilised to produce vapes

UK Faces 50% Surge in Stroke Cases by 2035

London (Parliament News) – UK faces a 50% surge in strokes by 2035, costing £75bn in healthcare and productivity losses. Lifestyle factors, the ageing population, and inadequate prevention efforts contribute to the projected rise. The number of people in Britain undergoing a

Crisis in the Clinic: Doctors’ Battle for Advocacy

London (Parliament News) – Doctor groups urge reconsideration of regulations after GP’s removal for peaceful climate protests. Critics argue suspension undermines climate crisis advocacy. Concerns were raised over disciplinary practices. Doctors groups are urging for acute consideration of the regulations for medical

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