Thousands evacuate as Nova Scotia fights wildfires

Wildfires in the Atlantic Canadian province of Nova Scotia have destroyed homes and caused thousands of people to evacuate. As of Monday, around 16,400 people have been forced to leave their homes near Halifax, Nova Scotia’s largest city. The region has seen

Apple moves some iPhone 14 manufacturing to India from China

WASHINGTON (Parliament Politics Magazine) – In response to Chinese Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and geopolitical concerns between the US and the communist leadership of the country, Apple has started producing iPhone 14s in India, shifting some production there for the first time. The

US: Tech firms banned from setting factories in China for ten years

WASHINGTON (Parliament Politics Magazine) – The Biden government has announced plans to promote domestic semiconductor production while prohibiting US technology companies that receive government assistance from constructing “advanced technology facilities” in China for ten years. The US government’s roughly $53 billion (£46

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