Collaborative Efforts of Amazon and the UK Government in Expanding Global Reach for British Brands

Collaborative Efforts of Amazon and the UK Government in Expanding Global Reach for British Brands

UK (Parliament Politic Magazine) – It’s UK International Trade Week, and Amazon is commemorating the numerous sellers who use Amazon as a platform for international exports. The week kicks off today, with thousands of businesses actively participating in activities aimed at enhancing their export capabilities. Amazon takes pride in its support for International Trade Week, particularly in recognizing the substantial number of sellers who leverage its platform for global trade

Amazon UK Caters To Million Customers In United Kingdom caters to millions of customers in the United Kingdom while also attracting shoppers from around the globe who seek to purchase their favorite British brands. Over half of the 100,000 small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon in the UK capitalize on the opportunity to reach international customers.

In a collaborative effort with the UK Government, Amazon has introduced the Great British Brands store on this year. This dedicated section allows international customers to explore a diverse range of products from small UK businesses, skilled artisans, and renowned British brands. 

The purpose of this store is to celebrate and promote UK brands and businesses that have embarked on a global journey to share their products with the world. Many UK brands have made a mark in other parts of the world. Amazon has played a big part in British products worldwide. 

How Shoppers from Singapore, Austria, and Norway Embrace British Brands

International customers shopping on hail from diverse countries, and Singapore, Austria, and Norway stand out as key sources of demand, particularly in regions without their own Amazon storefronts. Among the popular items sold by UK sellers, English language books continue to be a top choice, alongside beauty and personal care products, toys, and homeware items, reflecting the global appeal of British products.

Lord Offord, Minister for Exports, remarked, “From small artisan businesses to well-established household brands, UK products are renowned worldwide for their heritage, quality, and innovative qualities. I’m thrilled to see Amazon launching its Great British Brands campaign and a dedicated storefront, allowing shoppers from around the world to access exceptional British products as we celebrate the pinnacle of UK business success during International Trade Week.

The Pervasive Influence of E-Commerce in Driving Exports

In 2022, Amazon sellers contributed to a staggering £3.3 billion in export sales, underscoring the pivotal role that e-commerce plays in facilitating exports. E-commerce serves as a potent tool, allowing businesses to cautiously explore international markets and gradually scale up their global sales endeavors.

Our unwavering faith in the potential of e-commerce to foster the growth of small businesses led us to collaborate in establishing the E-Commerce Trade Commission earlier this year. This commission is currently dedicated to formulating recommendations for the government on strategies to enhance the participation of small businesses in the export market

Educational Materials for Small Businesses Aiming for International Growth

Amazon is further bolstering its support for International Trade Week by offering complimentary webinars tailored to small businesses keen on expanding their export ventures. These webinars are conducted in collaboration with the UK Government, and you can register for these sessions and other events occurring throughout International Trade Week via the provided registration page.

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Exploring the Direct-to-Consumer Potential in Ireland – Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses

Here’s a glimpse of one of the upcoming webinars held by Amazon: 

How exports are Revolutionized On Amazon

  • Presented by Amazon sellers
  • Timing: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM on Tuesday, November 7

Gain invaluable insights and advice from accomplished UK exporters as they divulge their strategies for attaining remarkable success in the European and American markets. This is your opportunity to engage with seasoned exporters and have your questions addressed

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM, Wednesday, November 8

Exporting to Ireland presents small businesses with a myriad of strategic growth opportunities. In collaboration with Amazon and Royal Mail, this session, presented by the British Embassy in Dublin, will shed light on how small businesses can efficiently export parcels to Ireland using postal services. It will also provide essential insights into electronic customs requirements, ensuring a smooth journey for your parcels as they reach their intended destinations

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