Colombia Astrology Predictions For 2023

Five days have passed since the world welcomed 2023 and with the new year comes the predictions made by astrologers about economics, health and what will happen to President Gustavo Petro in the year that has barely begun. , has already brought Colombians the announcement of the CPI , the highest in recent years.

The first to speak was the astrologer and seer Daniel Daza, responsible for predicting the triumph of the first president. It should be remembered that it was he who announced the death of Vicente Fernández. Another of the successes was when he spoke about Messi’s victory in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. He pointed out that 2022 was one of the best years for Colombia and that he had lived a transformation.

“What he had said was that Gustavo Petro’s first long year was going to be very bad, precisely because he had a dark moon in Cancer and since Colombia is of this sign, this moon comes out of cancer from January 8, 2023… For Colombia after this date, things start to go up, but it’s gradual, so mid-June or July 2023 we will start to see the country take a very interesting turn of growth, “said indicated the astrologer during a conversation with the newspaper El Nuevo Día de Ibagué.

Colombia Astrology Prediction

As mentioned by the astrologer, Gustavo Petro is in his best year since he is of the sign of Aries, until May 16, 2023, so “He has until that date to realize all the connection that the left did not have been able to do for many years”. He also recalled that in the middle of the year, the country will start to see the upward curve in terms of foreign relations, politics, environment, education and finance.

Sun Rasmos He spoke with La FM and delivered some of the most worrying predictions for Colombians such as covid-19, the impending economic crisis and other aspects related to the evolution of the functions of President Gustavo Petro during this period.

As Ramos indicated, this year will be essential for Colombians to understand that virtuality is here to stay, leaving behind the experiences lived due to the pandemic and the learning it has left for businesses.

“The great moment has arrived for the banking system to integrate into the virtual world, it is the year of virtuality. the money is coming,” Sun said for the aforementioned radio show.

Astrologers Predict What’s Coming or Colombia in 2023

Regarding the plans of President Gustavo Petro, the astrologer claimed that a favorable step is coming for the president, as he will be interested in investing in the projects he promised during his campaign for the presidency. This is for the benefit of people who have not had better opportunities in their lives.

Regarding the covid-19 virus, in 2023 Colombians will experience the last stage of infections and that is why China is experiencing a new wave of infections, as some citizens have rejected the imposition of the application of the vaccine to prevent infection.

For her part, Juliana Suaza, during one of the broadcasts of I know everything, made a forecast for the country in 2023 and assured that “There will be a division that will be very marked on political and social issues”Therefore , the decisions that have been taken since the beginning of the government of President Gustavo Petro “We will have to change them”.

Like his colleagues, he indicated that the first half of 2023 will not be easy for Colombians, who will have to redouble their efforts to try to find solutions to what is happening inside the country:

“We’re not just going to feel this energy shock in Colombia, but in much of South America.”

This article is originally published on news.dayfr.