Dark Side Of The Moon 50th Anniversary Box & Book

The celebratory book for the 50th anniversary of The Dark Side Of The Moon will be released in March and a box set of the album is also expected (not yet official)
Pink Floyd will release a box set to celebrate 50 years of “The Dark Side Of The Moon”.

There are still no official confirmations on the celebrations for the anniversary of one of the greatest records in history but, according to rumors, a ‘luxury’ box set will be on sale.

What is certain, while still waiting for the official announcement of the band, is that a new book entirely dedicated to the tour will be published in support of the disc.

Pink Floyd And The ‘Spoiler’ of The Box Set For The 50th Anniversary of The Dark Side Of The Moon

In recent weeks Pink Floyd have been sharing a series of clips on their social channels in which you can listen to small fragments of classics such as ‘Brain Damage’ and ‘Us and Them’ accompanied by the hashtag #TDSOTM50 and a 3D graphic reconstruction of the prism featured on the iconic cover of The Dark Side Of The Moon.

The reference, it is quite evident, is all for the 50th anniversary of what is one of the most important records in rock history, “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, which was released in March 1973.

For now, Pink Floyd have not yet officially announced any operation relating to the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of The Dark Side Of The Moon but the site of the English publishing house Thames & Hudson comes to the aid of the fans.

On March 1, the publishing house will in fact publish a book, which had already been discussed in recent months, entirely dedicated to Pink Floyd’s masterpiece album. The information that escaped the band’s communication, however, does not concern the book in the strict sense but the release of a new box set for the 50th anniversary of The Dark Side Of The Moon.

The spoiler comes when reading the description of the book on the publisher’s page where it is discovered that, in addition to the book’s release, the date of March 1 “will also see the launch of a deluxe box set containing a reissue of the album along with numerous related music content”.

In short, if Pink Floyd have accustomed their fans to countless reissues with remastered audio in ever better quality, we are sure that the box set designed for an important album like The Dark Side Of The Moon will be something absolutely unmissable.

The Dark Side Of The Moon 50th Anniversary Book

It will simply be called “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, a book created to celebrate the important 50th anniversary and will be available from 1 March in the United Kingdom – and hopefully in other European countries too – for a price of around 55 euros . Inside there is a lot of unpublished material from the archive of the Hipgnosis graphic studio of Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey Powell and Peter Christopherson and of the photographer Jill Furmanovsky.

Among the 160 pages of the new Pink Floyd book you will be able to admire rare and never-before-seen photos of the band taken during the tour in support of the album between 1972 and 1975. These are 129 black and white shots documenting the soundchecks , live and aftershows, accompanied by Melody Maker’s review of the Wembley concert in October 1972 and a list of all tour dates.

In addition to the photos of the band, it will be possible to admire the graphic development of the concept that led to the iconic cover of The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Released on March 1, 1973 and 20 days later in the United States, “The Dark Side Of The Moon” is the eighth album by Pink Floyd. It is a philosophical masterpiece on the dark aspects of the human soul in which the band continues its sound experiments, while giving greater emphasis to the lyrical part.

A masterpiece from an artistic point of view, among the highest peaks touched by Pink Floyd and absolutely in the history of rock, The Dark Side Of The Moon was, and still is, also an incredible success from a commercial point of view . With around 25 million copies sold, it is in fact the fourth best-selling album of all time and still today, after 50 years, it is a fixed presence at the top of the best-selling vinyl charts.

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